Thursday, 14 April 2016

Making IS Laugh

If we need a solution to anything, it seem that the music world is where we should be turning which is why we had Bono at the American Senate subcommittee on Capitol Hill and his suggestion for dealing with Islamic State is to send in the clowns.
Bono suggested that comedians should be sent to counter IS stressing that: 'If you laugh at them it takes away their power' and then went on to suggest Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Sacha Baron Cohen should be deployed to Syria.
Rather than shouting 'Security!!' at the top of their lungs, Senators said that it was one of the things that they have already considered.
Firstly why was Bono asked to attend a Senate subcomittee anyway and did the Americans seriously think the best way to save civilians from being killed and make the ISIS fighters drop their weapons was a few showings of Borat?
What if Bono has a point though, after all we have tried arming them, disarming them, supporting them and then trying to blow them up and nothing has worked so far so hey Mohammad, put down that rocket launcher, I've got a joke for you!

What do you call a dead member of ISIS? WASWAS
Have you heard about ISIS’s new inflatable sex dolls? They blow themselves up!
Anonymous have declared war on ISIS. Ironic that they’re now being attacked by 72 virgins
Did you hear about the Catholic ISIS fighter? He was a Shite Muslim.
What do you call a drunken Muslim? Mohammered.
What do ISIS men do during foreplay? Tickle the goat under the chin.
What do you call a muslim Elvis impersonator? Amal Shookup
What do you call an unemployed Muslim? Bin Laidoff.

Thank you very much, i'm here all week.


Keep Life Simple said...

Lucy, why don't you try it first and if we can find your head and body we will bury them together...

Falling on a bruise said...

Bono first, it's his idea.

Keep Life Simple said...

That seems fair, but you seem to be a strong advocate...