Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Middle East War: Take 3

Osmium and Iridium are the two most dense elements in pure form.
The end-stage product of a star's demise is the black hole, a locus of gravity so dense nothing that goes in can ever come out.
These have a challenger for the most densest thing known to man and that is one Mr George Walker Bush.
Not content with one war going badly wrong. Not happy with two wars going disastrously belly up, he is now itching to send more Americans to certain death against Iran.
Not one to learn from his mistakes you could say, as he ups the rhetoric against Iran and its leadership.
There is apparent 'evidence' that Iran is supporting the insurgency in Iraq which is 'killing Americans' which solves the complex problem of how Bush would sell his next War to a disbelieving American public.
"We could be stumbling into another War" said one MP today. The Americans, backed by Israel, seem to be not so much stumbling but hop, skip and jumping into the next one.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Some Men Just Don't Get It

I have never seen myself as a sexist - indeed, many of my best friends are men - but over the past few weeks it has become harder and harder to accept the idea that men are really cut out for the business of running countries. With their natural emotionalism, unpredictable mood swings and propensity for coming out with bird-brained things, would they not be better suited to more forgiving occupations, such as cleaning, secretarial work, or perhaps the caring professions?
The latest nomination for the Emmeline Pankhurst award for services to Feminism goes to the Japanese Health Minister who endered himself to female voters when he described women as "birth-giving machines" and implored them to "do their best" to halt the country's declining birthrate.
Methinks Mrs. Health Minister could well be hanging an 'Out of Order' sign over her mechanical bits until her hubby apologises. Or until he does the dishes at least.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Just Like Starting Over

After much consideration (or however long i was swearing), i have kicked Free Web Services into touch. Damn thing just kept falling over so i have made the move onto Blogger. Got no idea how this works and i will have to get used to the unlimited blogging space but the format is less rigid which hopefully will lead to a more informal approach.
Let's see how it goes anyway and any hints and tips gratefully accepted.


Dear Free Web Services,
I'm sorry.
We both knew that things have not been right for a while now and we are only prolonging the agony.
We have had some good times but the easiest thing in the world to do would be to let things drift but we would only end up hurting each other more so let's finish it now.
I have put your things in the hallway.
Goodbye, and Thank You for everything. I hope that you find someone more deserving.