Monday, 9 April 2007

Is This Guy For Real?

I have to admit not knowing much about Senator John McCain apart from him being firmly in the George W Bush camp.
I didn't even know he and a few Republican buddies had visited Iraq until I saw the pictures of them strolling confidently down the middle of Baghdad Market and then at the press conference afterwards where he claimed "Things are getting better, there are encouraging signs".
That's excellent news and now all we have to do to make Iraq habitable again is undertake the same minor precautions McCain undertook before his little jaunt.
Send in soldiers to search for explosives, set up a perimeter and secure the neighbourhood. Deploy a few sharpshooters on rooftops. Don a flak jacket, travel by a Humvee to the market and surround yourself with up to 100 armed soldiers while three Black Hawk helicopters and two Apache gunships patrolled the skies above.
It really is as simple as that if the locals want to get back from the market-place in one piece.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound any different than going to the southwest side of Albuquerque after dark.

Seriously, though, it's just been a couple of weeks before he spouted the crap about how one of the generals no longer needs his armor. It's almost as if he's given up on the realistic people in his party and decided to just concentrate on the self-delusional nutjobs. Unfortunately, there's plenty of those.

Arthur_Vandelay said...


The Fez Monkey said...

See ... you and all you other liberals go out of your way to try and find every little possible negative thing in order to obfuscate all the good that's happening in Iraq.

You make a big point of how many soldiers, cotpers, gunships etc there were. But you could just as easily have said how few there were. To wit: Instead of writing [...] 100 armed soldiers while three Black Hawk helicopters and two Apache gunships [...] you could have written "only 100 armed soldiers, with a paltry three Black Hawk helicopters and a mere two Apache gunships"

See ... now it almost sounds as if McCain wasn't getting enough security!

But then again, your type just want the terrorists to win. You'd better run, sweetheart. I think the muzzein is calling you to pray for the destruction of all white christians everywhere (especially those damned catholics).

Ook ook

Falling on a bruise said...

Phew, lucky i'm CoE then.

Anonymous said...

It took me a minute to figure out "CoE". Now all I can think of is that guard in "A Clockwork Orange" yelling "DO YOU MEAN THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND????????" :-)

Don said...

No, I'm not being sarcastic here (case you wonder). You've misread McCain. First, he's firmly never been in the Bush camp. Bad blood goes back a long way. Second, in my opinion he's right that we must continue. Despite the prevailing zeitgeist outside Iraq, things are slowly turning there and even if not, it is our part to help them find solutions. I admire him for ignoring polls and supporting what's right. Leadership requires as much.

Here's some McCain Kool-aid:
Leadership sometimes means bucking public opinion

Here's some Iraq Kool-aid:
In Washington, panic. In Baghdad, cautious optimism

I know, I'm just another nutjob.

Cheezy said...

Yes indeed. In the battle of the mindless platitudes, 'stay the course' beats 'cut and run' any day of the week.

I hate to say it, but recent evidence suggests that all those Bushie slurs about 'Mad McCain' before the 2000 GOP Primaries had some sort of basis in truth...