Sunday, 2 December 2007


Imagine, if you will, a world run by right-wing conservatives. A world where Fox News is said to have "gained the reputation for reporting the news in an unbiased manner" and where Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party was the result of the theory of evolution.
Scary indeed but there is such a place where the right wing congregate free from the unpleasant left-wing views that tends to accompany the truth.
Conservapedia looks just like Wikipedia but was created by religious activists to counter 'liberal bias' in Wikipedia which they claim to be anti-Christian.
Unintentionally hilarious to anyone who is not an evangelical right winger frothing at the mouth, there is a statistics link on the main page that leads to the most viewed pages.
So what are the top 5 right wing issues that concern our more gullible and soft headed number? Gun control? Socialism? Atheism? Removing the Main page, the top 5 most viewed pages are:

1 Homosexuality? [2,018,819]
2 Homosexuality and Hepatitis? [519,571]
3 Homosexuality and Parasites? [498,737]
4 Homosexual Couples and Domestic Violence? [374,858]
5 Homosexuality and Gonorrhea? [333,457]

The introduction on the subject of homosexuality sets the tone nicely, stating that "homosexuality has a variety of negative effects on individuals and society at large."
Conservapedia. Where topics are debated and everyone agree's it's the the gays fault.



Joe the Troll said...

That place always cracks me up. "Conservapedia Commandments" Har.

I was, however, a bit surprised to find a link to this article from the Village Voice on their front page:,barrett,78478,6.html

O' Tim said...

Archer posted about this and at first I thought he was joking (it would've been right up his alley). He indicated that there are rumours swirling about that Conservapedia got hyper-bombed by some pranksterous lefties. Hard to tell the difference I suppose, which just adds to the fun, AFAIC.

annie said...

it's funny...the most religious, conservative folks seem so "interested" in homosexuality.
it's no wonder that some of it's most visible spokespeople get caught indulging their curiosities. i think it's strange that they need their own wiki, because wikipedia is ALREADY fairly edited/redacted by right-wing fundie-types.

Lucyp said...

I did also find a Liberalpedia but it is just embarrassing, better to leave that alone. The contents may be written by crackpots but the conservapedia site is very professional looking.

Stephen said...

I came across Conservapedia almost a year ago. Good to know they're still around for us to ridicule.

Cheezy said...

If you're in need of a good laugh, I recommend the Conservapedia entries on dinosaurs and the Democratic Party.