Wednesday, 3 December 2008

And Finally...

There is an unwritten rule for news programmes that they have to end the bulletin with a feel good story, something to make the viewers forget the 26 minutes of misery they had just sat through and go 'ahh, how sweet'. Here is a great 'And Finally...' type story.

A hunter took a potshot at a large deer in Missouri and after it had collapsed to the ground, he approached the prostrate figure thinking that he had killed the beast.
As he peered down at the seemingly lifeless body, the deer promptly got to its feet, knocked its attacker over and began mauling him with its antlers.
After suffering a good old fashioned goring, the hunter managed to squeeze off two shots to kill the deer but had to be taken to hospital to have his badly bruised and battered body treated and a dozen staples stuck into his head.

Ahhh. And now over to Georgie Palmer for the weather.

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