Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Way Down Texas Way

I have never really understood why Texans go on about the Alamo, all 200 plus Texans got slaughtered in that scrap by Mexicans so hardly a highlight in Texan history but the Alamo is being mentioned again by supporters of Texas Independence Movement (TNM).
“We’re liable to fight the Alamo all over again,” one said surrounded by people in an Independence rally carrying placards bearing messages such as 'I want off the sinking ship' and 'Liberty or Death' and 'Remember the Alamo'. See, the Alamo again.
There has been mention of Texan independence for decades but the re-election of Barack Obama seems to have reinvigorated the TNM movement who claim they have over a quarter of a million members, all remembering the Alamo probably.
The movement has also got an international ally in the shape of that hotbed of Democracy, Belarus, who have accused the US Government of a humans right violation for not waving goodbye to Texas.
The TNM leadership are looking towards our shores for inspiration for their campaign, saying  “We look at the SNP in Scotland as a model for modern-day independence” which should sound alarms bells in your average Texan unless you are fed up with being employed and willing to take handouts from your neighbouring countries to keep your economy running.
It's unlikely that Texas will leave the Union, they only has 200 people turn up at the rally and we get a bigger turn out in the UK to watch people roll cheese down a hill, and besides, constantly asking people to remember a fight which they comprehensively lost isn't encouraging. 


Anonymous said...

Unlike any of the other states, when texas joined the union it was a nation. So, texas has a treaty with the USA. The treaty enables texas to divide (I believe into as many as 5 states), but not secede. I never imagined this as being important until recently.

San Antonio and Houston are much more right leaning than Dallas and Austin. I can now see that splitting texas into smaller states may be appropriate.

concering the alamo. the 200 men fighting in the alamo had a chance to escape, and a chance to surrender, but chose to fight because it delayed the mexican army long enough for texas to raise an army that a few months later defeated the mexican army.


Lucy said...

So it is more the spirit of the Alamo they mean rather than the actual fighting part. I didn't know that but it did always seem a bit of a strange thing to say, like us saying remember the charge of the light brigade when we are trying to big ourselves up.

Q said...
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