Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nobody Likes You

For a split second i felt quite sorry for the American President Barack Obama as the various world leaders of  the countries around the world who are attending the G20 in Saint Petersburg, Russia all strolled together to the dinning hall for the dinner hosted by Russian President Vlad Putin. 
Laughing and joking with each other, they waved for the cameras and then went into the great hall together to eat their swan stuffed with oysters or whatever World Leaders eat at these things.
Then, 30 minutes after everyone else had sat down to the meal, Obama turned up all on his own some.  
My initial feelings of 'look at the poor guy with no friends, even the annoying French guy had someone to walk with him' and then i remembered, Obama is about to start yet another dodgy war on even dodgier evidence.
My hope that the rest would start throwing crusty rolls at him from out of the Palace windows passed by without  happening but i'd like to think that he was sat on a table by himself off at the side.
Poor Obama, a President who just doesn't impress other national leaders like they used to and with the American coalition of the willing comprising of Albania, Kosovo, Canada, France, Denmark, Romania, Australia, Poland and Turkey, he may be spending quite a few more meals with frogs legs and a can of Fosters on the menu while the rest of the World leaders party it up. 


Anonymous said...

Nobody liked bush, now comes Obama supposedly exact opposite of bush, yet nobody likes Obama either.

So either they aren't opposites or people are idiots...


Aaron said...

Maybe the vote will fail in the House after all:

I would still think Obama would attack anyway though. He has tied too much of his personal credibility to seeing this attack happen.

Lucy said...

Nobody liked Bush because he was a warmongering, god bothering idiot and along came Obama who turned out to be just as much as a warmongering idiot so i would say they aren't opposites.

Lucy said...

I was reading that the vote is not as much a foregone conclusion as expected effay. If he doesn't get the nod, you think he will he really still go on with it as he puts so much stock in Democracy?

Anonymous said...

wait wait wait! surely you jest. he was awarded the noble peace prize!

he and al gore and bill clinton and hillary and pelosi, and kerry come from the same political ideology and stock.

you blaspheme young lady!


Aaron said...

Yeah, it does seem up in the air. Heck even the Senate looks up in the air based on the Washington Post breakdown. We'll see what the breakdown looks like after Obama gives his Oval Office speech. I still think he has a really good chance to flip a lot of Dems to vote yes, even though they still won't want the war, because they are more afraid of turning their President into a lame-duck if he looses this vote.

As for what he will do if he looses, I really don't know. Him and Kerry are always reiterating that they think Obama has the power to carry-out these strikes even without Congressional approval, so we'll see.