Friday, 10 October 2014

Stairway To Spirt By Taurus

Fascinating interview with Jimmy Page on BBC this afternoon.
The guitarist took us through the process of writing and compiling the excellent 1971 hit, Stairway to Heaven.
He explained how he came up with the haunting guitar solo, how he was going for a simple but fragile guitar introduction so they could add layers as the song unfolded and opened up.  
He acknowledged how tricky it was to put it all together, his guitar work, the lyrics, the implications of joining the layers through the 'journey' as he called it.
Just think how much more difficult the 'journey' would have been if Plant hadn't have swiped the tune directly from this song from 1968.
If you are going to plagarise someone else's tune at east have the brass nuggets to credit them for it when you get caught rather than continue to make up a story about how you did it. 

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