Monday, 29 September 2014

Magic Spells For Money

Times are hard and Christmas is coming so we could all do with a little extra cash but money doesn't appear out of thin air..or does it?  The Wiccan's at Spells of Magic have a bunch of money spells so grab a handful of candles and let's chant our way to a fortune with the following 16 magic spells.

1 - Make a small hole in the bottom of an egg and drain out the yolk. Take a small piece of paper and write the amount of money you would like to receive and carefully put the paper inside the egg. Now, bury the egg in the ground and chant:
'I place my nest egg in the earth
where it will grow to what it's worth.
This spell is true it harms no one
as I will it, it is done

2 - Scratch the word 'MONEY' on the base of a white or green candle, light the candle and burn a few strands of your own hair and hold a coin in the flame chanting:
'One coin here, One coin there,
Richer and richer, As I burn this strand of hair.
Help me gain lots of money each day,
God and goddess,
As I burn this coin as sacrifice,
Grant my wish as I plea, So mote it be!'

Soak the coin and bits of scorched hair remaining in a cup of water  for 5 minutes and then place the coin and hair in your purse/wallet for 10 months.

3 - Two days before the Full Moon, take a green candle and carve a pound sign into it. Light the candle. Spread out some money (play or real but you do burn it later) in front of the burning candle and turn it over and over for at least 10 minutes and then extinguish the candle.
Repeat the next night for 15 minutes and on the third night, the night of the Full Moon, do the same again but before the candle burns out completely burn a large denomination note of your money as an offering to the Gods.

4 - Visualize white gold energy in and around yourself. Now visualize this energy around your wallet and your wallet full. Chant: 'Large amounts of free and easy money are coming to me. This money is all mine to keep and spend as I wish'. Affirm 5-10 times. Repeat on a regular basis for best results.

5 - Light a candle and in the glow of the flame, paint money symbols on a rock. As you do this, concentrate on how this rock will bring needed money into your life. After 7 minutes snuff out the candle. Everyday, light the candle for 7 minutes until money appears.

6 - During the Full Moon Fill a glass half full of water and drop a silver coin into it. Position the glass so that the light from the moon shines into the water. Gently sweep your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moons silver while chanting:
'Lovely Lady of the Moon,
bring to me your wealth right soon.
Fill my hands with silver and gold.
All you give, my purse can hold'

Repeat this three times. When finished, pour the water upon the earth. 

7 - Hold 3 coins in your dominant hand and chant:
'Trinka five, trinka five
ancient spirits come alive,
money grow and money thrive,
spirits of the trinka five'

Toss the coins in a bowl and repeat the spell for nine days then continue doing so once a week until you have all the money you need.

8 - Go outside alone and sit or stand under the stars and say once:
'star light star bright first star i see tonight
i wish i may i wish i might i wish upon this star tonight
(say wish here) so mote it be please i want it so badly so mote it be

9 - Under the light of a full moon hold a banknote up to the moon and say the following-
'Lady bright, lady bright',
harvest abundant dreams tonight,
three times three times three times three,
prosperity return to me.

Give the money to charity and the positive energy will return to you times three.

10 - Take a coin, a magnet, a couple of your own hairs and tie them together with the string on the magnet and put it under your bed. Keep it there for 3 days.

11 - Simply Chant the following:
'One coin here, one coin there
Prosperity is everywhere
I need some wealth,
Financial health
I just need my share

12 - Take a walnut complete with shell. Crack the shell in half and eat the nut. Place one penny from the year you were born in the shell. Plant this outside, near where you sleep and as you plant it, recite:
'Fortuna, Lamia hear my plea
Hear now my will and my decree,
Lord of Sun and Wooded Deep
Wake this seedling from its sleep.
As a seedling grows into a tree
So shall this small coin ever be.
Starting small, yet ever growing
Providing blessings overflowing.
Never more than what is needed
Lest strife and greed be also seeded.
With harm to none may blessings come,
So may it be as I will it done'

Visualize a mighty tree erupting from the earth, showering you with coins and paper money.

13 - Place a bowl, a candle and its holder on a flat surface in your home and for the next seven days put a coin in the bowl. After seven days, take the candle in your hands and imagine prosperity coming to you and then place the candle in the holder.
Pour the seven coins into your left hand and draw a circle with your hand around the coins. Put the first coin right in front of the candle and as you place it, say: 'Money grow, make it mine Money flow, Moneys mine'. Place the other coins around the candle one by one and repeat the incantation. Finally light the candle and allow it to burn out. Leave the money in position for at least three days.
14 - Carve money signs into a green candle and place it on a saucer. Arrange coins around the base of the candle then light the candle and chant:
'Money grow,  money flow
candle burn, watch me earn
money grow, money flow
flame shine, what i want is mine

15 - Repeat the following twice.
'I call upon the spirits of the moon the sun and the earth,
give me wealth, give me money,i call u upon this single hour'

16 - On the night of the full moon go outside and turn all the notes and coins in your purse/wallet over in your hand one by one and chant the following three times-
'Lady of light and love, i pray
bring fortune to me on this day.
and it harm none, so be it'.

There you go, sixteen spells to get your bank balance bulging so please let me know if any of these work and if they do, mines a Latte.

Recession Not Over Just Yet For Poorest

Despite telling us repeatedly that we are out the other side of the latest recession, they have today announced £25bn of spending cuts.
'The latest Treasury estimate is that, to eliminate the deficit, requires a further £25bn of permanent public expenditure savings or new taxes' and it's the savings option that he has chosen which will effect the bottom end more rather than taxation which would hit the top earners the hardest.
The obvious answer is that the top earners are also the largest party donors while the Conservative Party haven't got many friends in the minimum wage bracket so they can be successfully squeezed without harming their odds of re-election next year.
Tax evasion costs the country £15bn each year which would go a long way to reducing the deficit and when are we going to get the money back from the Banks we bailed out to the tune of £500 billion which would clear the deficit 20 times over if they paid us back.  
Regarding the much praised Tory plan to cut pension death tax from 55% to 35%, something he called 'a serious contribution to reduce the deficit', maybe the voters need reminding who it was who put it up to 55% from 35% in the first place, yep, Osborne did in 2011.
There is a third choice Gideon never considered, getting shot of him and his awful nasty party and get someone in the position who knows what they are doing and whose idea of a vote winner is further kicking the poor low wage earners and downtrodden.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Ryder Cup: Europe 16½ - 11½ USA

While nobody likes a sore loser, nobody likes an ungracious winner either so being gracious in victory it's well done to Europe on winning the Ryder Cup and well played and unlucky to the unfortunate USA who played well but didn't have the run of the green over the 3 days.
The more ungracious European bloggers may go the well worn traditional way of rubbing it in the Americans faces by doing the usual naming of famous Americans and ending it with 'you boys took a hell of a beating' but that's just crass and not called for.
There really is no need, for example, to write ' John F. Kennedy, Dolly Parton, Tom Cruise, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Elvis Presley, George Washington, George W Bush, Thomas Jefferson, Bob Dylan, Ronald Reagan, Stephen King, Clint Eastwood, Eminem, Marily Monroe, Dixieland, Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Jamie Hyneman, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Venus Williams, Benjamin Franklin and Al Gore...Your guys took one hell of a beating!!
Instead, let us applaud our opponents and who came all this way to entertain us with their loud shirts and amusing way of saying 'aluminium' and route' and return to their side of the Atlantic to work on their strategy for next time.
The USA captain, Tom Watson, put the defeat down to poor driving by the American team and although i admit that those little buggy's can be difficult to control, i think it was more down to the rubbish golf they played but what do i know.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

UK Government Bury More Bad News

As the Labour Party Aide who declared September 11 2001 as a good day to bury bad news would appreciate, yesterday wasn't a bad day either so as everyone was looking towards the vote for war in Iraq, the Conservatives slipped out a lovely little gem almost unnoticed.
Published online on the morning of the parliamentary vote, the Government just happened to pick that day to publish the results of a consultation into fracking rights and decided to reject the 40,000 objections to allow fracking below homes without owners’ permission.
The governments justification to stick two fingers up to home owners is that the current ability for people to block shale gas development under their property would lead to significant delays and that the legal process by which companies can force fracking plans through was costly and time-consuming.
'It is essential that we make the most of home-sourced energy and start exploring the natural energy supplies beneath our feet. By removing barriers to deep underground drilling access, we are speeding up oil and gas and deep geothermal energy exploration' the statement read.
It does make you wonder why did they bother going through with the sham of a consultation and despite 99% being against it, just did what they wanted anyway?
Only 11 months to the next election and the country can say a big thank you to Dave Cameron.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Cost Of War To Taxpayers

The MP's have voted and it's a thumping 481 vote majority for war and so begins another bout of conflict that has been estimated to last for at least 3 years.
As the Conservatives have spent the last four years counting every penny and telling us that they have to slash all sorts of budgets, how much is this new war going to cost us already hard pressed British taxpayers?   
The Ministry of Defence put the price of a Tornado flight at £35,000 per hour and then there is the cost of the weaponry with the 6 missiles each Tornado carries  costing a hefty £280,000 so a typical 4 hour mission with the aircraft dropping its full payload would cost us £420,000 and as the Tornadoes fly in pairs, that's the best part of a million pound a mission and over the course of the next three years, there will be a lot of missions flown at almost a million pound a pop.
It might be worth remembering the next time the argument over austerity and cutting benefit to the disabled or pegging pensioners old age pension erupts because we always seem to have enough cash for a spot of war but not to keep the old folk warm in winter.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Britain Voting For War

David Cameron will be leading the charge tomorrow as the House of Commons vote on UK involvement in the ongoing conflict in Iraq and it all seems a foregone conclusion as cross party consensus means we are going in alongside America again.
I have already said that it is our mess as it was the US and UK who metaphorically kicked down the Iraqi walls in 2003 and let the wolves in before shouting Mission Accomplished and scarpering back to the safety of our own shores so i feel we are morally obliged to go back and clear up the mess we created. 
As the Iraqi Government are actually asking us back this time instead of us forcing it out, the legality aspect is on a stronger footing this time around but one thing that is sounding very similar is the lack of vision of what we are going to do once we are there except drop bombs from a great height and keep our fingers crossed that we don't kill too many innocent civilians. 
Almost every military speaking head is in agreement that air strikes alone won't do the job but the politicians are assuring us that there will be no boots on the ground so i'm not sure what the plan is.
We have been constantly bombing the Taliban and Al Quaida for 13 years now and we haven't managed to defeat them so can't see this being any different and we WILL kill civilians in Iraq and Syria which will only help Isis in recruiting more volunteers and further turn Muslim opinion against the west therefore ensuring another generation of western hating extremists.
Boots on the ground is not a palatable option for any Government as returning body bags never go down well with the voting public but only using air-power is doing half a job and puts the innocent people on the ground at risk and why should they suffer even more and be put at greater risk just because the US and UK want a nice 'safe' war where their people are flying 25,000 ft above the bullets and out of harms way.  
War is awful which is why the decision to have them should only ever be as the absolute final resort and this one has been going on for over a decade all because George W Bush and Tony Blair decided to invade a country to drive out terrorists who weren't there until we went to drive them out.

A Palestinian State In Three Years

Immediately after the ceasefire between Israel and Palestine this summer, Israel stole the largest tract of land in the West Bank as 'punishment' for the Palestinians having the temerity to fight back against the latest Israeli invasion.
Maybe it was to provoke the Palestinians into attacking them and therefore justifying another military blitz of the penned in Gazan's or it was too good an opportunity to miss for another land grab but yet more land earmarked for a Palestinian state became Israeli land.
And so it has gone on for over 60 years but finally the Palestinians have a bit of leverage and they have announced they plan to use it to the full to get their own land, free of Israeli oppression.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas plans to present Israel with a timetable for talks which would agree upon the territory for the future Palestinian state in three years with the demand that Israel freeze settlement construction as the talks are ongoing.
If Israel rejects or delays the talks or continues settlement building, Abbas will use his newly earned powers at the UN to take Israel to the International Criminal Court and seek a UN Security Council resolution that recognises the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 lines.
If the US veto any Security Council resolution, as they usually do, they will then approach the General  Assembly with the same request and join international bodies and organisations, and then to campaign to have Palestine recognised as a nation under occupation according to the Geneva Conventions.
Sounds like a plan and dragging Israel and the likes of the vile Netanyahu to the International Criminal Court would be justice, the amount of human right abuses he has been accused of overseeing would ensure him a less than comfortable seat at the Hague.
It is about time Israel was made to account for its long lasting genocide on Palestine and far past the time when the Palestinians were rid of the repugnant human right abusers next door.

Ukuele Fight!!

It is impossible to play a song on a ukulele and not make it sound happy and bouncy as anyone who has seen the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain will agree as they run through such songs as 'Anarchy in the UK' and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and make them sound like super cheerful nursery rhymes.
As we now know though, things are not quite as serene as they seem in the world of Ukulele's as the Great British Ukulele Orchestra face new competition from the Great British Ukulele Orchestra who they are taking to court over infringement of their name.
Not that there is much in it, the UOGB has been around for 30 years and the new boy's in town, the Great British Ukulele Orchestra, are not even from these islands, they are German so the court case over the name should be a short, sharp one with the result being the Germans being told to change it but a legal battle with the background of Ukulele's just isn't right.
The name does summon up thoughts of George Formby and his little stick of Blackpool Rock but the Ukulele has come a long way since then, thankfully a long way from the hands of northern men singing about Chinese Air Raid Wardens.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Obama Or Bush Same Difference

 War, what is it good for asked Edwin Starr and the answer is killing people but not civilians, especially if you do what the United States have done and changed the definition of a civilian.
After the first few days of dropping explosives from on high and the first reports of civilian deaths, the Pentagon have announced that they are confident that no civilians were killed in any of the initial air strikes in Syria.
Always a touchy subject and after more and more reports of Afghan civilian deaths from American drones, the White House redefined exactly what a 'civilian' and a 'combatant' is so now a combatant is a military-aged males killed in a strike zone although explicit intelligence posthumously proving them innocent does nudge them back into the civilian pile of dead folk.
Now that Obama has launched his second bout of war, just missing a third by a whisker in Syria last time, we can justifiably say that he is just as bad as his predecessor who was rightly condemned by the World and his aunt when he began the whole debacle in motion in 2003.
Throw in the turmoil in Ukraine fired off by American meddling, the drone attacks in Pakistan and the funding of Syrian Rebels who turned into ISIS, Obama has an awful track record of starting conflict around the world. 
The latest conflict has even began without UN backing which is due to be discussed today and is sure to be vetoed by China and Russia so he even has the illegal war to cement the Bush likeness.   
As Obama has already decided to go to war and then use the UN to rubber stump it, even if it is refused the war will still be on and bombs will continue to be dropped left, right and centre so he's not that different from Bush in reality.
The only difference is that this one is a Nobel Prize for Peace laureate justifying yet another bombing campaign in the Middle East.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Spider Warning

According to scientists and men in holey jumpers hanging around in allotments, due to the warm summer and abundance of tasty flies this summer, the spider population have grown larger than normal and the end of September is when they are at their maximum adult size and most active which means at their most bitey.
I do generally try to put a glass over them and gently place them outside but if any giant spiders try any funny business with me I will seriously mess their sh*t up, and mess the bottom of my shoe up as well.
The man clutching the trowel and a packet of seeds assured me that all spiders are venomous but none of the eight legged things we have in the UK has enough poison or large enough fangs to actually harm us and then tried to assure me that spiders are actually a good thing, they eat flies and wasps and those weird crane flies which obviously is a good thing but then so does a honey badger but you wouldn't invite one of those into your home either.
Then there is that urban legend about how we swallow eight spiders a year in our sleep so no amount of stories is going to persuade me that spiders are our friends but if i am going to be bitten by one, i especially don't want to be stood beside the old leaky microwave in the kitchen when it happens.