Sunday, 26 June 2016

Joshua Not A Boxing Great Just Yet

British boxing is in a good state at the moment and at the top of the pile is IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua who last night took his record to 17 fights, 17 wins with 17 KO's.
I like Joshua, he is not only a great boxer but is a very well spoken, polite and elegant person who shy's away from the boorish rhetoric of other boxers but i would warn the people talking him up to not be quite so quick to compare him to the greats.
Joshua is fortunate to find himself in the game at a time when the game is at the lowest ebb i have ever seen but he can only fight who is put in front of him so he can hardly be blamed if those dished up to him are of a low calibre.
Back in the day when Tyson was bowling people over like ten pins you couldn't throw a cat without hitting a decent heavyweight and before Buster Douglas bumbled along, he fought them all and won convincingly.   
Joshua has not fought anyone of any note, last nights opponent Dominic Breazeale, was the top challenger for the belt and to be polite he wasn't so much out of Joshua's class but in a completely different school.
America seems to have stopped producing real World Class heavyweights and the East European's are functional but dull so as good as Joshua looks, has still not really been tested so i would be hesitant to build him up just yet.

Everyone Stop Doing Stuff!!

I have never known a time like this in British Politics, every time you turn around someone has resigned or is plotting to overthrow someone or are maneuvering themselves into a position to usurp someone so we just need someone to shout STOP!!! NOBODY DO ANYTHING and take a deep breath.
Cameron resigning is the right move, firstly because he cannot continue after the British public defied him and secondly because he has been a complete right-wing nasty git so i am glad to see the back of him.
The Labour Party attempting to remove Jeremy Corbyn being removed as head of the Opposition is also correct, his performance in the Referendum campaign was pitiful and although i agree with much of what he says, he is too far left wing for the voting public to possibly win an election if one is called soon so it is right they take him out and replace him with someone who could.
Lastly, it is right that once the Conservative Party elect themselves a new leader, the Government call a general election because by virtue of the Conservatives currently being in power, whoever becomes their leader also becomes Prime Minister and he or she will need to go to the country for a fresh mandate.
Of course the worst possible scenario is that in a years time we end with Tory Boris Johnson running the show here and Donald Trump winning the American election then between them the World would be ended by next March anyway and everything becomes academic anyway.
The best possible scenario is someone along the lines of Hilary Benn, David Miliband or Chuka Umunna are elected Labour leader, the Conservatives vote the divisive Boris Johnson as their leader who is then removed in a snap Election early in 2017 and we start to put right what has gone so horribly wrong over the last decade.
Mostly though, people need to stop and take a deep breath.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Leave Backtracking

Over 2 million people have signed a petition requesting that the EU referendum been run again and there are noises that as most MP's are Pro-Europe and they have to vote on triggering Article 50 which removes us from the EU, they could refuse or not vote for it and defy 52% of the nation.
They are also mumbling that as there are also over a dozen votes to be taken to disentangle ourselves from the EU, they could drag it out for up to 10 years but that would be churlish, we had the referendum, the Remain side lost so we should just get on with it and make it as short and painless as possible.
What could change a few peoples minds is that they Leave side are already backtracking on the promises made during the campaign.

The promise to spend the £350 million we send weekly to the EU on the NHS, a claim painted in 5ft high letters on the side of the Leave battle bus, was first reduced to £100m, then £50m and now it can't be guaranteed that anything will be sent to the NHS and the claim was a 'one of the mistakes the Leave campaign made' so said Nigel Farage.
Then there was the battle cry of taking back control of our borders to stop the free movement of Europeans to the UK which now has been watered down as leave campaigner and Conservative MEP Dan Hannan explained: 'If people think that there is now going to be zero immigration from the EU, they are going to be disappointed. All we are asking for is some control over roughly who comes in and roughly in what numbers'.

Maybe those who voted leave might find what they expected is not what they actually get.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit Options

Thank you for contacting Post EU Great Britain. In order to continue providing you with the best possible service, we shall now present you with a range of options. Please select the option you require so that we may ensure we provide what you need with the minimum of delay. Please wait until you have heard all the options before making your choice.
If you wish to apply for the job as Prime Minister press '1'.
If you are Scottish or Northern Irish and you want to discuss leaving GB, press '2'.
If you are French and you want to rub our noses in you leapfrogging GB in the World Economy League, press '3'.
If you currently work for a UK Drug Firm and need directions to your nearest job centre, press ‘4’.
If you voted Brexit and you wish to apologise to the nation, Press '5'
For all other enquiries, press '6'.
If you wish to hear these options again, press '7'.

Thank you for selecting 'you voted Brexit and you wish to apologise to the nation'.

If you wish to be shouted at angrily by youths whose future you have destroyed, press 1'.
If you wish to be shouted at by soon to be unemployed persons, press '2'.
If you would like to shouted at by Police Officers whose job it is to stop terrorism, press '3.
If you would like to be told in a condescending manner how many ways you have ruined it for the rest of us, press '4'.
For all other options, press '5'.

Thank you for selecting 'be told in a condescending manner how many ways you have ruined it for the rest of us'

Unfortunately we are experiencing high demand on this line so please hold until 2020 when we can have another General Election and can try and put things right again or call back later.
Thank you for calling Post EU Great Britain, soon to be renamed 'Not Quite So Great Britain'.

Brexit: Day 1

Dear Diary 24/06/2016
Brexit Day 1: First Day Out Of The EU
Boris Johnson, Brexit campaign leader, has hailed today as 'glorious',

- Prime Minister, David Cameron, has stepped down.
- France, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy and Hungary have demanded their own EU referendums.
- Scotland and Northern Ireland are gearing up to break away from Great Britain to stay in the EU.
- The FTSE 100 has closed down 3.2% at 6139. A drop of £51.7bn.
- The fifth largest economy, now we are the sixth as France have overtaken us as the pound plunged.
- JP Morgan are considering moving 4,000 jobs to the EU from Britain while the the industry body representing UK drugs firms in a sector employing 183,000 people warned following the vote that it is considering the same option.
- Ratings agencies have reaffirmed their previous warning that the UK stands to lose its AAA credit rating.
- The French are demanding the Calais migrants Camps be moved to Britain as the agreement which saw migrants stopped in France is null and void now we are out of the EU.
- The police and crime commissioner claims protecting the public from terrorist attacks will be more difficult.
- Price of petrol set to rise, also air fares and imported goods
- Bank of England repeat warnings of lower economic growth and another recession
- The legal system is likely to change wholesale, given it is, for better or marked with EU laws and regulations.
- Nigel Farage has admitted that it was a mistake to promise that the £350million a week we sent to the EU would be instead spent on the NHS.

So in one day we have lost the Prime Minister, could very well lose Northern Ireland and Scotland, have dropped a place in the Global Economy League, face the prospect of losing over 200,000 jobs, are in greater danger of terrorist attack and will have to pay more for goods in the shops. 
Would hate to see what Boris Johnson considers a bad day.

Strange Looking Man In Scotland

Who is that strange looking man with the really small hands and the silly baseball cap stepping out of the helicopter in Scotland?
Why, it looks like...yes it is, it's an Oompah Lumpah, no it's not, its Donald Trump here to open a golf course.
Let's listen in and hear if he says anything stupid about Muslims, Hispanics or women having their periods.
'Just arrived in Scotland. Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back'.
Erm, bit awkward because Scotland overwhelmingly voted to stay in the EU.
Okay, thanks Donald, that's it, get back in your helicopter and go back to America.
Phew, i'm glad we don't have such a dumbarse in charge. What's that, David Cameron's resigned and Boris Johnson is favourite to become Prime Minister?
Hang on Donald, room on your helicopter for one more dumbo politician?

Britain leaving EU

Oh Britain, what have you done.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What The Radio Is Telling Me

Tomorrow is D-Day but the D this time strands for decision day and all the polls show it is too close to call and even the psychic lady down the hall is not giving me an answer and she is usually very keen on passing on whatever her tea leaves are telling her.     
So if the pollsters don't know and the tea leaves are keeping it to themselves then i can only go on what the radio is telling me, and it isn't looking good for those of us with a foot in the Remain camp.
First up going to work was 'Love On The Rocks' by Neil Diamond with killer line: 'Suddenly you find you're out there walking in a storm'.
In the rest room the song playing as i walked in was from a colleagues 'Best of Anastasia' CD and 'Left Outside Alone' with another line that was like a dagger in my heart: 'I wonder if you know how it really feels to be left outside alone'.
To be fair once i explained about things they tried to cheer me up with a song from the Sex Pistols CD but i don't think 'Anarchy In The UK' was a good choice. 
I resisted turning on the radio on the way home but as i stepped in the door Bruce Springsteen's 'Born To Run' was on one of the music channels and the withering lyric: 'We gotta get out while we're young `cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run' so i feel like things are stacked against us staying in the European Union.
Today's music is telling me that tomorrow could be another turning point, a fork stuck in the road where time has grabbed us by the wrist and directed us where to go. We need to make the best of this test, not asking why because it's not a question, but a lesson we will learn in time, something unpredictable, but in the end is right, in the EU we have had the time of our life.

Monday, 20 June 2016

In, Out, Economy Shaken All About

Almost every economist from the IMF to the Bank of England have said that if the Brexit camp win the day and we head of of the door marked Exit on June 23rd, the economy will tank.
The Brexiters have dismissed it as scaremongering but last week when the Brexit campaign seemed to have a surprising slender lead in the polls, £30bn was wiped off the value of blue-chip companies, the FTSE 100 index closed at its lowest level since February and the pound fell 1.2% to its lowest for two months.
Today, on news that the Remain camp had regained the upper hand the pound posted its biggest one-day rise for almost eight years and the FTSE 100 share index jumped 3%.
Not sure what all that means but it shows that just the thought that we may go sent the stock market into a tailspin so i hate to imagine what would happen if we did follow it through and vote Out.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Philip Green Feels BHS Workers Pain

Philip Green is not the most popular man at the moment, especially amongst the 11,000 BHS staff who are facing redundancy thanks to the £571m hole he left in the BHS pension fund which has forced the shop into bankruptcy.
To recap, in 2005 BHS owner Green paid himself a dividend of £1.3bn, mainly financed by increasing BHS debts to £1bn which has now sucked the retailer under and left 11,000 workers out of a job as the shops close with a £581 million hole in pensions which means workers will not receive the full pension they paid into.
A feisty Philip Green has been hauled before MP's to explain his decisions which led to BHS going to the wall where he told MPs he was working on a solution that would help BHS workers although no details were given.
So just to cheer up the BHS staff as they trot along to the unemployment office, the man responsible for their current jobless status has just taken delivery of a new private jet, adding a £46m Gulfstream G650ER to a transport collection that includes a speedboat, a helicopter and three yachts.
There, don't you feel better now.