Sunday, 1 March 2015

West's Mad Foreign Policy

To say the Wests foreign policy is a bit shortsighted sometimes would be like saying Kim Kardashians backside is a bit on the large side. Basically, when a conflict flares up somewhere that threatens our interests, our first thought is who can we arm that is willing to fight for our side, and then once identified send them as many weapons as we think it will take to keep our good despot in power or remove the bad despot and allow us to put in a good despot.
Some may argue that is is preferable to sending our own troops in but it rarely ends the way we figure.
Most people of a certain age will remember the Soviets invading Afghanistan and then spending 10 long years before finally giving up trying to oust a regime backed by the West's arms.
Sure it stopped the country falling to the rule of Communism, but failed dramatically in that they then changed their name to the Taliban, joined up with Al Queada and used all those weapons and all of that training we gave them to fight us in a decade long war.
There was that famous picture of Donald Rumsfeld meeting with Saddam Hussein, shaking hands on a arms deal for Iraq to use on Iran who was the Wests enemy, and as Iraq was fighting them, we were willing to send them the weapons they needed to do it therefore building the military and giving him the WMD's that we eventually went into Iraq to destroy unaware that he had actually beaten us to it and rather ungraciously got rid of them years before.
We also repeated the trick in Syria where we armed the anti-Government forces who become more and more brutal and called themselves ISIS and began beheading Westerners and flying black flags.
Now the US wants to arm the Ukraine because when there is a chance of peace, pouring in more weapons always helps The Wests policy seems to have been and continues to today that in a tinderbox situation, someone will take power, and we'll hope that they like us, and, if not, we'll send more to someone else in the country willing to start another fight with a newer and fancier arsenal.
On the bright side, a handful of old men are making a killing the entire time while a bunch of young men are just making a killing and you can;t see that ending anytime soon.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Natalie Bennett Damaging Green Party

I so wanted the Green Party to do well, and for a moment it looked as though they were poised to come through and sweep up the left vote from the Labour Party who have shifted so far from where they should be that traditional Labour voters are shopping around for somewhere else to give their X to in May.
Unfortunately, two excruciatingly painful interviews have exposed the Greens for a party whose policies seem to fall apart immediately anyone scrutinises them.
On the back of the Andrew Neil car crash of an interview where Greens Leader, Natalie Bennett, was hopelessly caught out on Green policies, she has been similarly exposed once again on the day she launched the Greens Election Campaign.
In her fist interview of the day, Nick Ferrari, tripped her up with what should have been a gentle underarm question of how they would pay for the 500,000 new council houses she was advocating The Greens would build.
Bennett spluttered, mumbled and then fell into a fit of coughing and apo9logising that she had a 'heavy cold'.
Membership of the Green party in England and Wales has tripled in 18 months to 54,500, surpassing that of the Liberal Democrats or Ukip and will fight close to 90% of constituencies on 7 May and are talking of entering into a coalition with Labour but many more of these types of interviews will see the potential soon evaporate.
One totally awful interview where you are unable to defend your policies could be seen as unfortunate, but after two it looks like your policies are just indefensible.
Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if Green MP Caroline Lucas did the interviews from now on because sorry Natalie but you could end up costing the Green's plenty.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

How Can We Take These People Seriously?

I don't know how we are expected to take the threat of Jihadi terrorists seriously when the we hear of the Islamic State threat that they are going to take over Rome and throw homosexuals off the leaning tower of pizza.
I don't know how they will react when they find out that the leaning tower isn't made of Pizza and it isn't in Rome but in Pisa (there is a clue in the name).
Then there were the terrorists of Boko Haram who came up with the wheeze of escaping the Nigerian Defence Forces who had cordoned off a town by attempting to sneak passed the Defence Force by disguising themselves as women but to avoid annoying Allah, they kept their thick beards. 
Maybe if the Jihadi types spent more time in education and less time praying and oppressing everyone they might not look even more like idiots then they already do.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Part Time Tories

It's all turning a bit tasty as we edge closer to the May election, and on the agenda now is MPs second jobs.
Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of failing to limit the outside earnings of MPs, after the government rejected a Labour proposal to ban MPs from having paid directorships and consultancies
Miliband, who seems to be finally finding his feet, reminded the Prime Minister of his 2009 quote that: 'Double-jobbing MPs won’t get a look in when I am in charge' which flustered the PM as yet another blow landed on his shiny, moon-like face.
This all follows on from Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind being caught offering to use their positions as politicians on behalf of a fictitious Chinese company in return for thousands of pounds.
A quote from a Tory MP summed up everything that is wrong with the Conservative Party when he explained that an MP's salary (£67,060 plus £40,000 expenses) is 'not meant to be a full income'.
Remember that in May, vote Conservative and you get someone who will consider £100K part time earnings and dedicate part time hours to their constituents accordingly.

71 Days to go and Google Trends is still showing a thumping great win for Labour with Ed's party  winning 4 times the votes of the Conservatives but annihilation for the Liberal Democrats.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Church Telling Voters To Vote Labour

I have never read the Bible but from the little i do know about it that Jesus chap was always droning on about poverty so it is only expected that the Church of England has stuck it's head above the pulpit to say that when it comes to the election, we should vote 'with the good of others in mind'.
Although they do not directly endorse a particular party, it is obviously painting a big red arrow towards the Labour Party which has upset the Conservatives who have complained that 'There is a very definite left wing leaning to their message'.
After five years of right wing Conservative policies, most people are poorer and more worried than they were and with David Cameron upping the rhetoric recently against people who are poor, young, ill, fat, addicted or unemployed, people who were already very unlikely to vote Conservative, they can consequently be alienated and castigated without electoral cost so it is about time someone spoke up for them and the Church has stepped forward.
The 52 page letter boils down to the liberal conviction that society is better when rather than seeing an obese person or someone out of work we don't think like the Conservatives and think how can we punish them but show compassion and look for ways to help them.
Compassion for someone worse off than ourselves should always be the first emotion and not anger and conspiring ways to punish them for being worse off.
Not often i find myself in agreement with the Church and there are many sides to the Church that i find abhorrent, the treatment of gays and women for starters, but in this case they are spot on so What Would Jesus Do?
Not vote Conservative that's for certain.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Anyone Seen Arnie?

Watching the news brings home that there are plenty of ways that we could go to meet our maker before our time ranging from catching Ebola to be mistaken for an unarmed black person by an American policeman. There is also North Korea, Nuclear War, Artificial Intelligence rising up, stray Asteroids, Al Queada, fracking poisoning us all, drugs, Vladimar Putin, Assad, ISIS or climate change so just to make sure we don't get to chime in the 22nd Century, they have only gone and upgraded the Large Hadron Collider.
The piece of machinery that can already create black holes is due to be restarted after scientists doubled it's power so they can now smash particles into each other at just a hair less than the speed of light, a speed unprecedented in human history.
'These collisions produce a cascade of subatomic particles and radiation that provide clues about the building blocks of matter' said one scientist at CERN, adding excitedly: 'Some of these particles are new and are not usually seen outside of such collisions. The more energy in the collisions, the greater chance that something interesting will show up'.
As my scientific background consists of writing my initials in bacteria in a petri dish and burning the sleeve of my blazer on a Bunsen Burner at school, i may not be best qualified to pass comments on things of a scientific nature but won't a collision of particles that made a black hole, if smashed into each other at twice the speed, just make a twice as large black hole?
It's one thing discovering the Higgs Bosun but not much use if we are disappearing over the Event Horizon and sucked into oblivion a fraction of a second later. 
Where are the Terminator types coming back in time to stop us making such a catastrophic error because if ever a leather clad man wielding a shotgun on a motorbike saying 'Hasta la vista, baby' whilst riding around Switzerland is required, it's now.

Another UKIP Racist Exposed

Thinking of voting UKIP in the upcoming Election? Are you concerned that some of their views don't quite mesh with yours but are considering a vote for 'something different' to the main parties?
Listen to what Rozanne Duncan who is a UKIP councillor, has to say to the UKIP press officer and give some thought to the calibre of people who make up the party.
"The only people I do have problems with are negroes. And I don't know why. I don't know whether there is something in my psyche or whether it's karma from a previous life or whether something happened to me as a very, very young person and I've drawn a veil over it - because that sometimes happens, doesn't it? But I really do have a problem with people with negroid features'.
To their credit UKIP have since expelled her, a decision Mrs Duncan claimed was due to a 'hidden agenda' and insisting that there was nothing "racist or derogatory" in what she said.
She said: "I don't regret saying it. I don't regret anything, that's the truth. I still honestly believe that what I said was never at any time racist or derogatory'.
This comes hot on the heels of UKIP's Thanet South chairman Martyn Heale speaking about the media attention over his past membership of the National Front and explaining that: 'For Christ's sake, I was never a member of the Gestapo. I was not a member of the Stasi, I never served a term of imprisonment in my life'.
With members like these, we can hope that if you were considering a vote for UKIP, the Labour Party, Conservatives, Lib Dem's don't look quite so bad now.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Rise Of The Female Ai

I have spent a lot of time with my Sat Nav this past week and the lovely, soothing female voice telling me to take the next exit and then perform a U-turn at which point i would turn to my phone and Cortana who again in a pleasant female tone would tell me she couldn't answer my question.
Although their is an option for a male voice to take you the wrong way on the motorway, the default voice for many artificial intelligence systems does seem to be female and after watching a programme about robots, it seems that most of the humanoid robots are also.
I have asked why the female form and voice are used in these types of things and the answer is that females are less threatening for the users then males which does make sense but i am sticking with my original thought that if it is intelligence, and male, if follows that it must be artificial so they use female voices instead.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

All Together

HM Revenue & Customs say that tax evasion costs the UK economy £34bn a year and figures from the Department of Work and Pensions put the total amount of money lost to benefit fraud was around £2bn a year.
A goldfish and a bank account in your dogs name in Switzerland to anyone who can guess which of these the Government has put the most resources and media advertising into combating.

A cleaner confessed to benefits fraud of £25,000 while a wealthy property dealer and Football Club Chairman was found to have hid a six-figure sum from the taxman.
A cigar and a HSBC computer mouse-mat to anyone who can guess which one got a 7 month prison sentence and which one got a penalty of 10% of the amount in return for anonymity.

Ian Duncan Smith, the current Secretary of State for Work and Pensions has ordered a crackdown on 'people that take money for doing nothing from hard working taxpayers which makes my blood boil'.
A buff coloured envelope stuffed with used tenners if you can guess which politician was investigated by the House of Commons Select Committee on Standards and Privileges to have claimed money from the taxpayer for his lunches, haircuts, food for his own home, a mirror for his flat, his laundry and his underwear and dubious salary claims made on behalf of his wife that were paid out of the public purse which the Committee described as 'inappropriate'.

All in it together remember.

Man 0 Bull 1

A man has had to undergo extensive surgery in a Spanish hospital after he was savagely gored during a bullfighting festival where spectators run ahead of the rampaging bull.
The man needed a three-hour operation because of the wounds, which included injuries to his thighs and back muscles, according to surgeon Enrique Crespo who said it was: 'the biggest goring wound I've ever had to operate on'.
Hang on...maybe it i wait a few seconds....i think it's....nope, nothing.
No matter how hard i try i just can't dredge up any sympathy for him whatsoever and just think if you are idiotic enough to want to run in front of a bull and the bull manages to catch you, you are still an idiot but one with massive gores in your back and thighs.