Thursday, 22 July 2010

Our man meets Obama

Our man Dave is over there visiting their man Obama and apparently things are a bit spiky between them. The Libyan Lockerbie prisoner we released, the BP oil slick and both sniping at each other for their ideas on how to get the economy going again are three huge elephants in the room although we won't hear any of that, it will be all smiles, handshakes and talking up the special relationship which our man Dave said wasn't that important when he was still here a few days ago.
What i would love to see is them stand on the White House lawn and have a good old slanging match.

'I welcome David Cameron as leader of Great Britain although he wasn't actually voted in by the British people and had to fudge it with the party who came third'
'Thank you Barack who had the simple task of following George W Bush, and is actually more unpopular than he was at this time in his administration'.
'So the man you let go who killed 190 Americans, doing quite well in Libya by all accounts'
'So i hear, we could have tortured him in prison but that's more your sides thing'.
'That's not what my Grandad said. You tortured him good and plenty in that Kenyan Prison'.
'Look Barack, let's calm down. I don't want a war over this. You lot would turn up five years late for it again anyway'.
'Sure Dave, hate to have to save your limey asses for a third time'
'Warmongering yanks'
'Yellow tooth limeys'

That's what we want followed by some unseemly wrestling where Obama gets Dave in a headlock and rams him into the podium while screaming 'You wanna piece of me posh boy'.
All we are going to get is smiles and handshakes. How boring especially as i think Dave could take him.


Cheezy said...

Hilarious :)

If only our leaders were as honest and as entertaining.

Nog said...

How's Cameron faring? Given the circumstances I wouldn't expect too well. But I guess now is a lousy time to be the party in power.

Cheezy said...

Nog: I think Cameron was looking fairly 'Prime Ministerial' until just yesterday, when he made his first foreign policy faux pas.

Not smart. I'd have hoped for more subtlety when 'thinking aloud' about a long established stand-off between two nuclear armed nations.

Cheezy said...

Sorry, that's actually his second foreign policy faux pas. He annoyed veterans groups when he got his dates wrong the other day, describing the UK as the 'junior partner' to the US when fighting the Nazis in 1940.

Falling on a bruise said...

How could he have got that 1940 remark so wrong? If he had spent last time trying to impress his Bollinger Club pals and listened more in history class he wouldn't have made such a bad mistake.