Sunday, 11 July 2010

Raoul Moat Facebook page

Due to blanket coverage, we have all been watching the Raoul Moat drama unfold to its conclusion where he blew his own head off.
To me that is a satisfactory conclusion, the less nutters we have running around armed with guns blasting at policemen and ex-girlfriends the better. It was only by a sheer fluke that out of the 3 people he shot, only one died.
Now it seems that the police are being blamed for shooting him with a taser which caused him to either spasm and pull the trigger of the gun tucked under his own chin or made up his mind to do what he had been threatening to do anyway. Either way, good. He was lucky to have been negotiated with for 6 hours before something happened. If the police had taken him out the second they saw him it would have been justified.
What does astound me is the thousands of people who have signed up to a memorial Facebook site that refers to him as legend.
What goes on in the minds of these people? He was a killer and was going to kill again if he had the chance.
He had plenty of time to surrender but chose not too. Well done the Police and if you are one of those who see him as a legend or condone his actions, you are an idiot.


Cheezy said...

It's disappointing to see you perpetuating the fake 'MSM version' of the Raoul Moat incident, Hanz, when the real story is so much more compelling!

Falling on a bruise said...

ha ha, i thought Jonathan Aitken had been quiet lately.