Sunday, 28 October 2012

Curse Or Coincidence?

All Hallows Eve, the time of the year when the tightly closed door to the dimension beyond that which is know to man, slides opens just enough for that which resides between light and shadow, between science and superstition and in the pit of man's fears can visit our world.

James Dean was an actor who had an interest in the occult and had a brief involvement with an LA witch coven, briefly dating actress and coven member Malia Nurmi. Dean publicly denied an intimate relationship with her, afraid of the negative impact his career may suffer as a result of their pairing, a denial that Nurmi and her coven did not take well.
On September 30, 1955, actor James Dean was driving his new Porsche 550 Spyder, nicknamed 'the Little Bastard', to a rally in California when he was involved in a head-on collision. James Dean, only 24 years old, died in the crash.
After the tragedy, George Barris bought the wreck for $2,500 and while unloading it, the Porsche slipped off the ramp and fell on one of the mechanics, breaking both of his legs.
The cars engine was sold to Troy McHenry and the drive-train purchased by William Eschrid, who were planning to use the parts in their own race cars. At the Pamona Fairgrounds in California, the doctors raced their vehicles for the first time using the parts from Deans car. McHenry’s Porsche Spyder spun out of control and hit a tree, killing him instantly. Eschrid was seriously injured when his car rolled over going into a curve. He later said that the car suddenly locked up when he went into a curve.
Two of the Porsche’s tires were unharmed during Dean’s accident and Barris had sold these to a young man who was lucky to survive a crash when both tyres simultaneously burst, sending their car spinning off the road.
The car's malevolent influence continued when a kid tried to steal the Porsche's steering wheel and slipped and gashed his arm on a piece of jagged metal.
Barris loaned the police the mangled remains of the Spyder to a travelling safe driving exhibition and while it was stored in a garage in Fresno before the start of the show, a fire broke out in the garage, destroying everything, except for Dean's Porsche Spyder.
At a display at Sacramento High School the bolts holding the car in place snapped. The car lurched off its display and broke the hip of a fifteen-year-old boy.
Days later the driver of the truck that was hauling the car around the exhibitions was killed instantly when he lost control and was thrown from his vehicle. 
The incidents surrounding the car continued until 1960, when the Porsche was loaned out for a safety exhibit in Miami and when the exhibit was over, the wreckage, en route to Los Angeles on a truck, mysteriously vanished. To this day, the Little Bastard's whereabouts are unknown.

A witches curse or a list of bizarre coincidences? We won't ever know but James Dean's car is still out there. Do you know where those second hand parts on your car have come from? Better drive just that bit slower this Wednesday, just in case. 

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