Thursday, 25 October 2012

Someone Wake Me Up

The US must have forgotten that Tony Blair wasn't in power anymore because they have asked to use UK military bases to support the build-up of forces in the Gulf and we of course said..what, we said no?
It won't go down well in the country that if it wasn't for them we would all be speaking German now after they saved our backsides in two World Wars apparently but the UK Government has knocked them back and cited legal advice which states that any pre-emptive strike on Iran could be in breach of international law as Iran does not currently represent 'a clear and present threat' and 'providing assistance to forces that could be involved in a pre-emptive strike would be a clear breach of international law'.
The UK following international law and avoiding illegal wars? What the...?
I think I must have fallen asleep and woken up in a parallel universe because the UK is out of recession and i agree with David Cameron's speech about not giving prisoners the vote.
Damn, somebody pinch me, it's all going horribly right.


Anonymous said...

yeah, the phrase "international law" pisses me off. i didn't vote for any of the assholes in the UN. i won't turn over my life to those jerks.

you know, we had to take over this mess for the UK when you fell from power, the least you could do is stand with us...


Lucy said...

We did stand with you in Iraq and Afghanistan and i would bet my best pair of shoes (the red pair) that if Syria/Iran kicks off we would be there again to hold your bags and make the tea. This is the Government saying to the UK public 'we won't go the Blair route of backing the USA in dodgy wars' while saying to the US 'We will be there but let us pretend to the UK voters that we were not really that keen on it'.