Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thatcher Jokes

The right wing press are using words like 'disgraceful' and 'disrespectful' to describe the celebrations that continue after Margaret Thatchers death and are asking why the Left have so much hatred but a close friend of Lady Thatcher said she would have considered the insults and the street parties as a 'remarkable tribute'.
As usual, texts, tweets and blog jokes have been doing the rounds and as Maggie would have loved the fun being made of her so much, here are a few i have received. Enjoy Mags.  

When I realised Margaret Thatcher was dead, I did a double fist pump and shouted, "F****** brilliant!" Everyone around me was disgusted, and looking back, I suppose it was out of order. Especially as I was the first paramedic at the scene.

The makers of the Margaret Thatcher life story film have said that they can now film the last few scenes as they were just waiting for her to die to ensure it had a happy ending.

Margaret Thatcher died in hospital today. Her condition is described as satisfactory

As the Margaret Thatcher funeral is being shown live on BBC, they have issued a warning that it may contain scenes of the dead body so it will be suitable for miners.

Just seen the plans for thatchers grave its ok but i thought the dancefloor would be bigger

She will have to be buried and not cremated. The Lady is not for burning.

I'm sick of these Margaret Thatcher jokes now...Let the Iron Lady rust in peace!!!

Tributes pour in from U.S. 'She will never walk on the face of this earth again' said Barack Obama before offering a drone strike just to be sure.

David Cameron once said as a young Conservative that he wishes he was more like Thatcher.. Right now Mr Cameron so do we.

So Margaret Thatcher has died. Police are treating the incident as hilarious.

I watched the online footage of Margaret Thatchers lifeless body being carried into an ambulance and it really made me think…is there nothing on the internet that I won’t masturbate to?

All great tributes to the woman but not as funny as the hashtag #nowthatchersdead which was read as Now That Chers Dead and Now T Hatchers Dead which resulted in fans of Cher and Terri Hatcher sending a wave of tributes for the veteran pop star and the Desperate Housewives actress who i am happy to say are both still alive and to my knowledge have never stole any children's milk or closed any coal mines.

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Cheezy said...

Some goodies there!...

So Thatcher was at the gates of hell, and up walks Jimmy Saville who says: "Hey Maggie what you doing down here then?" She replied "It might be because I shafted a lot of miners matey"... Jimmy said "Yeah, me too, me too"...

Btw, Maggie's only been down there a week and already she's started to close the furnaces.