Friday, 19 April 2019

I Wish It Could Be Easter Everyday

The Christian's would have us believe that the story of Easter is of how Jesus died for our sins, but how on the third day, he rose again. The significance of this is that it symbolises how death is not the end, and that through Jesus and our faith in God, we too can achieve life after death, but mostly it's about chocolate and bunny rabbits.
Originally it was yet another pagan festival the Christians desperately shoehorned their made up cloud man into but they kept the rabbits and eggs which were connected to Ēostre, a pagan goddess who was celebrated before being bumped aside for Jesus and his wooden cross.
While grafting their own story to replace Ēostre, the Christians kept the symbol of the egg, which they say suggests rebirth and not a food which was mostly used to celebrate Ēostre's feast celebrations although i did tell my children that we have chocolate eggs at Easter because Jesus ate Creme Eggs at the Last Supper.
Christians everywhere will be spending Sunday 21 April stuffing their own weight in chocolate into their faces and not thinking of how the main character in their story is just another cheap knock off of another earlier Deity because God and Jesus is the one true faith if you ignore all the other ones they nicked them and their stories from.

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