Monday, 29 January 2007

Just Like Starting Over

After much consideration (or however long i was swearing), i have kicked Free Web Services into touch. Damn thing just kept falling over so i have made the move onto Blogger. Got no idea how this works and i will have to get used to the unlimited blogging space but the format is less rigid which hopefully will lead to a more informal approach.
Let's see how it goes anyway and any hints and tips gratefully accepted.


iMuslim said...

Welcome to Blogger!

Wordpress is also meant to be good (perhaps better), if you don't fancy it here.

I didn't know your email addy, otherwise i was going to contact you to tell you your site was playing up, big time.

Can you salvage your old entries and upload them here? I'm not familiar with the FTP side of Blogger... maybe someone else can advise you wrt that.

Anyway, you know where i am if you need a hand. I've already made-over one Blogger's website, and there was no grass in sight!

Take care, Lucy 2.0!

Stephen K said...

Welcome to the Blogger family, Lucy!

Daniel said...

Ah, Lucy, you'll be happy you made the change.

It'll take a little while to see all the things you can do but the sky is the limit. Being able to use photographs makes a site much more interesting. Check out Google Images.

Good luck, anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hey...Well done Lucy, yes you won't be dissapointed.Enjoy....
regards Zoe xxx

Kos said...

Much better!

O' Tim said...

+1 - nice to scroll through your posts and not have to wait 30 seconds after clicking the 'back' button!

Now if we can just get jeff k to boot Haloscan, victory will ours!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realise that the other one was such a pain until a few mentioned it and then it wouldn't let me upload for ages so i gave up on it.