Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Michael Moore: Guardian Angel

Michael Moore is not everybodies cup of tea but the man is one smooth operator as this nice post that couldn't even get the most rabid reactionary upset will explain.
Jim Kenefick runs one of the most popular anti-Moore websites, Last year Mr Kenefick's wife was taken ill with a neurological disorder but with no medical insurance, he was struggling to pay for her health care.
In desperation, he posted a note on his site pleading for help and stating that he would "be in your debt for all of time" for any assistance in these troubled times.
Mr Kenefick received a cheque from an anonymous individual for a lump sum of $12,000, equivalent to a year's medical fees for his wife.
It was enough to ease the crisis and ensure the continuation of the website, so Mr Kenefick banked the cheque and put up a thank you note to the person he called his "guardian angel".
You can guess what's coming can't you.
After some digging to find out the identity of the altruistic donor it was revealed as the man he had dedicated years to bad mouthing. Confirmation came from Moore himself, who left a message on Mr Kenefick's answer machine confirming that he was the donor, adding: "I wish you my best."


Paula said...

Ah, something nice from the Intertubes for a change! I hadn't read about this, Lucy, so thanks for posting it. :)

Stephen K said...

Interesting. I already liked Moore, though I understand that his political viewa re not everybody's cup of tea. I didn't know about this though. I speaks volumes about him as a human being. No matter how much you disagree with him, you have to be impressed with this.

O' Tim said...

Yeah well, he's still a fat donut addict! ;)

The Fez Monkey said...

The cynic in me would say this was a clever and very inexpensive publicity stunt designed to coincide with the release of Moore's latest film which, coincidentally, looks at the state of healthcare and insurance in the USA.

However, it also seems as if Moore would have done something like this regardless. Certainly for him $12K isn't much, and his commie liberal socialist tree-hugging philosophy would prompt him to be generous in just this sort of way and for just this sort of thing.

I suppose what you really think about him and this donation says more about you than it does about Moore.

Ook ook

Cheezy said...

It's a publicity stunt and great advertising for 'Sicko', no doubt about that... but also, someone who needed money for important medical treatment ended up receiving it.

So everyone's a winner, I'd say.

Also, is it just me or would you guys expect someone who runs an anti-MM website to have comprehensive private medical insurance? ;-)

The Little Cheese said...

Even I have placed my cynicism on the shelf. What a thoroughly nice bloke. He is just a big teddy bear isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Cheezy- or a "medical savings account."

grumpy said...


My issue with Moore and most other liberals isn't them. It is their beliefs and where their desires lead that make me take issue.

I have never said being liberal is bad... most are sheep, but few are b-a-a-a-a-a-d. In fact, I often tell them that I admire their motives - and I truely mean it.

I can seperate the person from their nonsense. I even "love" some liberals like my Grandmothers.

Am I surprised by Moore's action. No. Is he bad? Probably not. Is he a total jackass? Oh yeah!


Falling on a bruise said...

Us liberals do have a nice side you see grumpy, glad to see that EWE saw that without me having to RAM it down your throat, that WOOLdn't of been fair.
One concern though grumpy, you didn't call him the Fat Michael Moore as is obligatory from non-liberals.

Anonymous said...

If he wanted to donate anonymously he could easily have done so, he obviously wanted to be found. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has spent nearly 3 years collectively in hospital I would feel belittled and humiliated by such a gesture. Stunt? No doubt.

Cheezy said...

There was a simple remedy for this kind of 'humiliation' then, Rachy... As soon as Mr Kenefick discovered the source of the money, he could given it back, in an equally public 'snub'.

I'd like to be a fly on the wall when he tells his wife all about it too... "Erm, honey, we need to talk".

Deadman said...

How do you know what he did with the money?

Charitable donations combined with grandstanding are still charity, but let's not go about pretending Moore didn't do it as a publicity stunt. He would have denied involvement if it was a truly altruistic and philanthropic move.

Anonymous said...

He could have denied it, but the paper trail would have proven where the money came from.

Let's not pretend that Limbaugh or O'Reilly would have bothered helping another human being at all. People who belittle an act of kindness don't show what's in Moore's heart, only their own.

Falling on a bruise said...

As Cheezy pointed out a while back, the wife of the gentleman involved got the medical help she needed, Moore got his publicity and Mr Kenefick is able to carry on his anti-moore website. The brilliant irony is the that man who he has dedicated years to slating, turns out to be his saviour.
How many other people would of done the same in his position?

Deadman said...


O' Tim said...

He would have denied involvement if it was a truly altruistic and philanthropic move.

Altruism should not involve deceit. Moore denying his philanthropy would amount to false modesty, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lucy. I hope you don't mind if I jump in.

It's funny that people are upset that MM had the audacity to donate money to a man who didn't care so much for him. Publicity or not, it was still a good deed.

How many people take advantage of charitable deductions on their tax returns? Isn't that the same as saying "Hey! Look at me, I donated money to the orphans!"?

I would feel belittled and humiliated by such a gesture

With all due respect, would you have also felt the same way if he would have anonymously set up a charitable organization which then paid your medical expenses? Is it only because he didn't deny donating the money?

No good deed goes unpunished and all that jazz.

Jack Steiner said...

My issue with Michael Moore stems from his own acts of hypocrisy. He is famous for his inconsistencies.

Now I am not saying that he is not entitled to them, we all are. But if you are going to hold yourself up as a model then you deserve to be criticized.

Cheezy said...

"But if you are going to hold yourself up as a model then you deserve to be criticized."

Fattest model I've ever seen...

Lucy: I notice that the irony and tongue-in-cheekiness of how we called MM "fat" over at that other blog isn't exactly being appreciated...

Deadman said...

Whattya want, Cheezy, a medal?

Cheezy said...

Nope. It was a lament, not a boast.

Anonymous said...

You know the honest way to do this would have been to send the money, and stay anonymous! The the motive to heal and only heal would have been sincere and complete, yet he had to let everyone know what he did.

Obviously his motive was recognition so he paid a good price for it. Here you go Michael Moore we now think you are a great person.

Michael Moore got his reward before men, and God is disgusted at this tacky act of display.