Saturday, 30 June 2007

Cheek Of The Queen

Sometimes you read or hear a news report that just leaves your flabber so gasted you think you must of misheard it so i double checked and yep, i did hear it right. That noise was my jaw hitting the floor in shock/disgust.
The Queen, one of the richest people in the World, has come to us clutching her Ming dynasty begging bowl to ask for £1m of taxpayers money to fix up her Palace.
Obviously she is not able to get by on the £37.3m we hand over to her annually which includes £14m for the upkeep of her property combined with her private income of more than £15m earnt through commercial property rent and investments.
Royal officials are whining that the state of the stonework in the palace's inner courtyard,is so bad that pieces are dropping off. Aww, poor lamb.
On top of the Civil List payout, we also fork out just over £100m for her security so i say to Her Majesty, with respect, put your hand into your pocket and fix your own bloody walls.


hema said...

lol. i know it's not funny (at least it's not when i receive my pay check every month) but your style of writing always brings a smile to my face.
i have emailed you my new blog url.

Daniel said...

Just imagine if all the free-loading royals were turfed out and their assets sold to help world poverty.

While we're at it we could get rid of all the Churches and sell their assets to bring medicines and health care to the world's poor.

And what about we confiscate all the property belonging to billionaires and sell it and use the funds to make everyone in the world financially comfortable?

What if...

Paula said...

I'd be angry about this too if I were British.

BTW, you can change my link to CC&S now, Lucy. Thx! :)

The Fez Monkey said...

Come on! You are crying about this? How many people live in the UK anyway ... like 150,000 or maybe a quarter of a million? That's like only 4 pounds a person. Surely you can afford that, especially for such as noble and worthwhile cause.

Anyway, isn't that why you people invaded and have colonized Scotland & Northern Ireland? Get the cash from those swine. They owe you. Before the Cross of St. George civilized those scumbags they were still squatting over a hole to drop a load. And get those lousy freeloaders Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to help. Hell, they have the queen on their currency, make them pay for the privilege.

Ook ook

Falling on a bruise said...

Good point fez. I hereby declare my intention to get money from all Canadians, Aussies and other colonies. All cheques to be made payable to Lucyp and sent to my address. I prefer cash though. Used notes.