Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Be gentle George

Tomorrow afternoon, just after lunch, George Osbourne is going to stand up and screw us all.
490,000 jobs going in the public service we heard today but as we are all in this together, anyone earning over £44,000 a year is losing their £15 child benefit. Ha, who's laughing now fat cats!
Yes we may be losing our libraries, bus services, jobs, police protection, hospitals and have to work longer for less pension but you lose your £15 a week benefit. It's only fair.
Maybe it's just me but there does feel something rather wrong about a bunch of millionaires telling us plebs what we can do without.
I don't know how the families of the 490,000 public service personnel will feel after tomorrow when they find out one or both parents are now unemployed but i don't think they will be thinking its very fair.
Yes we do have a big hole in our finances which needs to be filled somehow but it just feels even more worse when it comes from the Conservatives. The stinking rich, smug Conservatives with their expensive suits and shiny black patent leather shoes.
I just hope that we are not British about the whole thing and just take it. I want us to take a leaf out of the Frenchies book and bring the country to a standstill with strikes. Let's see how long the coalition stands up when the petrol stations run dry and we clog up the streets with the soon to be hundreds and thousands of unemployed waving placards and demonstrating.
Luckily i won't be within sight of a television or radio so i won't be able to see the smug face or hear the smug voice of George Osborne handing out the medicine.
We are all in it together but i don't need a crystal ball to know that some of us are going to be more in it than others.


Cody Bones said...

"Yes we do have a big hole in our finances which needs to be filled somehow"

Hanz, what is your solution to the budget crisis?

Anonymous said...


frankly i wish yawl would tax your rich into poverty.

i would love to see how you pay for all the services and pensions when nobody is generating money to be taxed.

surely you recognize that even though government employees pay taxes, they are all overhead expenses for the nation... right?

i mean, your pay comes from taxes... right?


Cheezy said...

At the moment, to my knowledge the Tories aren't talking about either cutting or raising taxes to any meaningful extent. Not yet anyway. This is purely about cutting costs in the public sector. Typically, I find myself agree with some of the things they're ditching (some of those quangos really were pretty useless) but others I'm finding a bit short-term-gain/long-term-cost (e.g. getting rid of NHS Direct).

Falling on a bruise said...

Hang about Cody & Q, i was bitching about how it seems worse to be told these things by the Tories. I also had a little nibble around the edges about how unfair it seems that those that can least afford it, are the ones who are going to be hit the hardest. Turna out even the Government admitted the bottom 10% will lose the most.

I havent gone through the whole lot yet Cheezy but there are some cuts i cheered and some i sighed at also.