Monday, 23 May 2011

Giggs Outed At Last

Oh well, that's that bit of fun over now that Ryan Giggs has been named in the House of Commons as the footballer who paid £50,000 for a super injunction against us finding out he was having a six month affair with former Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas.
The part that tickled my funny bone was that almost everyone knew about it anyway, it has been all over the internet and even on his Wikipedia page for the past week as well as the newspapers hinting heavily who it was.
I am a big advocate of the adage 'if you don't want people to find out you are a two timing scumbag, don't be a two timing scumbag' and i sincerely hope Giggs gets the kicking that Imogen got after the atrocious decision that she could be named but he couldn't which hung her out to dry.
I also hope she gets a ton of money thrown at her for her story and Giggs comes out of it looking like the callous, arrogant bonehead that he is.
Hopefully, this will put an end to the world of super injunctions where the rich and powerful can hide their indiscretions from the World because this is the age of the internet and nothing will stay secret for long.
Then we can get back to how it should be, the media highlighting the behaviour of anyone on a pedestal who acts in a way that puts them in a bad light.
If Giggs wife has half a brain in her head, she will boot the Manchester United player into touch and take him for half his fortune but as previous footballer wives have shown, they don't tend to half a brain between them.
I reckon the well known British actor with the super injunction may be getting a bit nervous about now.

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