Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Another Middle Eastern War With Familiar Faces

Perfect timing that just as the 15th anniversary of the invasion of the Iraq War arrives, one of the architects of the disaster is bought back into play with John Bolton sliming into the Donald Trump administration as national security adviser.
Never having seen a country he didn't want to bomb, Bolton was part of the George W Bush team who mislead the public about weapons of mass destruction to push for, and get, their War in Iraq War which continues to reverberate catastrophically today.
A quick recap shows that the War In Iraq left an estimated 1 million Iraqis dead, 4.5 million displaced, 5 million orphaned and caused birth defects and cancer rates in some Iraqi cities that are significantly worse than those seen in the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan at the end of the Second World War.
Their actions in Iraq led to a jihadist movement and the rise of Islamic State, an offshoot of Al Queada, who took their hostility further afield to places such as Syria and Libya with the West turning a blind eye to their actions as they were on the same side of regime change as the West until they doubled back into Iraq and started kidnapping and killing westerners when the West realised they had created and monster and despite helping one version to succeed in Libya, and after arming them in Syria, fought them in Iraq. 
The massive refugee flows which resulted from the Wests encouragement of war and regime change in the Middle East led to the destabilisation of much of Europe and the rise of Donald Trump who campaigned on the fear-mongering of ISIS, refugees and Muslims.
Now we are where we are and all the terrible consequences can be traced back to the George W Bush administration's decision to needlessly invoke a war in Iraq.
One of the unintended consequences was the rise of a strengthened Iran in the region threatening American, Saudi and Israeli dominance in the Middle East and now one of the same the Iraq war planners, John Bolton, is pulling the Presidents strings on what to do about it. 
As Bolton has previously pushed for a war with Iran, a devastating conflict with the Tehran leadership is now much more likely and the irony is that it is the catastrophe of the Iraq War that has led to the same architects being in power and bringing another Middle Eastern war more closer.
For the war industry and the cheerleaders for yet more wholesale killing, the Iraq war that their disturbed minds started is the gift that keeps on giving.

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