Saturday, 17 March 2018

Qualifications Of The World Leaders

The G20 nations represent approximately two-thirds of the world's population, 85% of global gross domestic product and over 75% of global trade.
They are also the ones who make most of the big decisions so you would expect them to have some serious qualifications so let's have a look at who from the G20 countries have the educational background to guide us through the choppy waters of the current set of global ups and downs.

MACRI (Argentina) - Civil Engineering Degree
TURNBALL (Australia) - Political Science Degree, Law Degree
TEMER (Brazil) - Law Degree
TRUDEAU (Canada) - Literature Degree, Education Degree
JINPING (China) - Law Degree, Chemical Engineering Masters Degree
MACRON (France)    - Philosophy Degree, Public Affairs Masters Degree
MERKEL (Germany) - Quantum Chemistry Masters Degree
KOVIND (India) - Commerce Degree
WIDODO (Indonesia) - Forestry Engineering Degree
MATTARELLA (Italy) - Law Degree
ABE (Japan) - Political Science Degree
NIETO (Mexico) - Law Degree
MOON (South Korea) - Law Degree
PUTIN (Russia) - Law Degree, Economics Masters Degree
Al Saud (Saudi Arabia) - no qualifications
RAMAPHOSA (South Africa) - Law Degree
ERDOGAN (Turkey) - Business Administration Degree
MAY (United Kingdom) - Geography Degree
TRUMP (United States) - Economics Degree
TUSK (EU) - History Degree

Twenty World leaders and between them they muster 2 qualification in Politics, 3 in Economics and 8 in Law. Unhelpfully we also have 1 in forestry engineering, philosophy, geography and history and 1 has no educational qualifications whatsoever.
When you see that only 10% of the G20 leaders have been educated in Politics, 15% in Economics but 40% in law, it explains a lot of things as decisions are being made by a group where the largest majority are lawyers!!


Keep Life Simple said...

In America, most lawyers study government, politics, and economics...

Falling on a bruise said...

Your guy has economics degree and five bankruptcies shows how good that was. Our PM has geography degree which cant be much use in politics.

Keep Life Simple said...

you leftists never look at the whole picture. you just pick the data that meets your agenda. that is a huge intellectual flaw.

yeah, he had bankruptcies on the way to becoming one of the richest people in the world. he took advantage of our laws, which is what successful people do. they use what they have, to do what they can.

and that goes for all millionaires including leftists like The Oprah, billy and hilly, al gore, john kerry, bill gates, warren buffet, michael mooore, and all the other leftist economic exploiters...

Falling on a bruise said...

Shame on the left for picking up on his failings as a businessman, and as a person.

Keep Life Simple said...

No, pointing out faults in public figures is a good thing.

The shame comes from only considering faults.
The shame comes from not pointing out the faults in all leaders (meaning faults of leftists too).

Falling on a bruise said...

I'm sure he will do something praiseworthy one day, the law of averages says he has to.