Friday, 28 September 2018

Both Reps & Dems At Fault In Kavanaugh Case

I don't really know the full story behind the Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford case but the jist of it seems to be she said he sexually assaulted her and he said he never.
What i did see though was both of them being either castigated or dismissed even before the evidence had been presented which doesn't show neither side, Republicans and Democrats, in a good light. 
Innocent until proven guilty should always be the way to go so he shouldn't be labelled a sexual deviant until it has been proved, or disproved as she shouldn't be believed or disbelieved until the evidence has been presented. 
As it wasn't a court case and it pretty much came down to his word against her's with no evidence supporting either person, then it is wrong to reach any kind of conclusion based on nothing more than if you support his or her political leanings.
The #MeToo movement haven't done themselves any favours by immediately jumping to the conclusion that because someone accused Kavanaugh then it must be true but then the Republicans are equally at fault for dismissing her claims as untrue just because she is a Democrat supporter.
One of them is telling the truth and nobody should be jumping to conclusions until it is fully settled without reasonable doubt which one it is.

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