Tuesday, 23 July 2019

The New Prime Minster

Just as you think things can't get any worse, the Conservative Party go and vote in Boris Johnson to be their leader and therefore the Prime Minister.
That Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, or just Boris Johnson to his friends, has been sacked from jobs twice for lying and has a history of racism, homophobia and whilst Foreign Secretary , managed to get a woman's prison term increased whilst trying to get her freed, the Conservative Party members have decided that the man who Theresa May didn't trust with secret information is the best man to run the country.
He has been called Donald Trump with a thesaurus and with his racist views, stupid hair, serial lying and extra marital affairs they do seem very similar and scarily, he will very well soon be making decisions which effect us all but with the Orange moron in the White House and an absolute idiot in Downing Street, this truly is a golden time for comedians and journalists.
I can already hear the fun being poked at his willingness to look like an unmade bed and his firing from The Times for making up stories and his view that same sex marriage is 'ludicrous'.
The coals are being raked over his many extra-marital affairs, especially the public one with his fellow Spectator columnist Petronella Wyatt, resulting in two terminated pregnancies and then the affair with the Times Higher Education Supplement journalist Anna Fazackerley and then yet another dalliance with Helen Macintyre and fathering her child.   
Already four MP's have resigned, stating that they couldn't be in a Cabinet run by Johnson so as we wait for the delivery van to bring his big red nose, an enormous pair of shoes and a squirty flower, start stockpiling.

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