Friday, 14 September 2007

Did I Hear That Right?

There has been two events this week that have had me digging a finger in my ear and wondering if my hearing was going.
Firstly was the case of 20 members of the anti-arms group 'Campaign Against Arms Trade' who were arrested outside of this weeks London arms fair.
The event is a showcase for all manner of weapons systems, ranging from tanks and missiles to rocket launchers and high powered rifles.
In delicious irony, the protesters demonstrating against this haul of weaponry being flogged to whatever despot had the cash, were arrested for 'suspected breach of the peace'.
I can only think that the police thought the people buying these weapons were going to use them for purely decorative purposes.
The second time i was diving for the Q-tips was hearing the Russian general boasting to the World media about the bomb his country has invented that is four times more powerful than the American Mother Off All Bombs.
'All that is alive in a 2 mile radius is evaporated' the Ruskie gloated before adding 'despite its destructive qualities, the bomb is environmentally friendly'.
Phew, that makes it okay then, i was worried for a second there.

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