Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Lay Back & Think Of Russia

September the 12th is not especially significant except in parts of Russia where the workers have been given a half day to go home and have sex.
Ulyanovsk has today declared a 'Day of Conception' and is giving couples time off from work to bonk each others brains out.
The idea is to raise Russia's population which has been dropped in recent times and as today is exactly 9 months away from Russia's National day on June 12th, it is time for the dimming of lights and some Barry Whiteski on the CD player.
As an added incentive to do the deed, everyone who has a baby in the local hospital on June 12th will win some kind of prize ranging from electronic goods to a car.
As the typical Russian workday is 8 hours long, and each couple has been given a half day to have sex, the greatest problem for most of the women could be what exactly to do for the other 3 hours and 55 minutes.
I would suggest training to be a midwife because they will be in great demand next June.


Miz UV said...


Cody Bones said...

Are they looking for volunteers? I have Barry White's greatest hits on my Ipod

Daniel said...

The fact that the timing for conception will not be right for most women seems to have been forgotten.

But then whoever conceived the idea was not thinking. Instead of a half day off, why not just organize a series of blackouts?

Joe the Troll said...

Maybe they wanted the sex WITHOUT the looting this time.

Jefe said...

Barry Whiteski is Polish.

You mean Barry Whitesky.

Funny post!

Lucyp said...

I have a feeling that there was a world record attempt on female headaches in Russia yesterday.
Barry Whiteov?

Monica Thatcher said...

More Music to pass those hours!
Bronski beat,
Simply red,
Lenin Skynard (ouch)
Руки Вверх (who)
Rimski Corsettoff
Nights in white bearskin

nice blog:)

Joe the Troll said...

You forgot Geddy Lee's band - Rushia! :-)

Lucyp said...

Very good Monica, wish i had thought of some of them then i wouldn't of had to mangle Barry White's name.