Sunday, 13 January 2008

Waiting For God-Oh

Here i sit with an empty Blogger text box thinking do i really want to do another post about George W Bush, this time about how he is rolling about the Middle East and blah blah blah and i decided nope, i have spent enough time pointing and laughing at the US President so instead of attacking him for being a bit on the dim and dangerous side, let us wait until he has moved on to Egypt or wherever he is going and take a peek at what he wrote in the visitors book at the Holocaust Memorial Museum he dropped in at.
'God Bless Israel' he scribbled in what i would like to think of as childlike handwriting.
Don't know what God made of this imposition of his time and energy, so lets ask him.
"It's a bit of a liberty to be honest" said the Almighty, "as if i haven't got enough on my plate already what with answering prayers, blessing America, saving The Queen and trying to orchestrate all these Holy Wars. I really could do without politicians organising yet more for me to do although i have had dealings with this Bush character before."
Obviously reading my mind about the Bush consultation before the Iraq War, the big guy sighed and shook his omnipresent head, "Look, Bush asked should i invade Iraq and i said "George, I'm God. If i want to get rid of Saddam Hussein, I can give him bird flu or food poisoning. I didn't need some jumped up little draft dodger to help me."
I wanted to press him further on the meaning of life, origins of the Universe and exactly what he thought of what those that he made in his own image were doing to the environment that he had cobbled together in under a week, but before i had chance, he got called away to an incident.
"Sorry but the Queen is digging about inside her toaster with a knife again" he said rolling his eyes and ordering Gabriel to fetch his winged chariot.
"I'll tell you what" he said as he departed, "I don't get this much hassle from any of my other creations."


Anne said...

jesus is the reason for the treason.

RaeJane said...


this was funny.. well, and sad.

Daniel said...

'Jumped up little draft dodger." Loved it, Lucy!

If 'daft' had been put in there somewhere, it would've been perfect.

Take care!