Sunday, 11 January 2009

Prince Harry's Still A Prat

Like many of the Privileged, the Royal Family has its flaws. It's bloated, slow and largely clueless and that's just Prince Andrew but whether its Edward photographed beating his dog or Charles telling his squeeze that he would like to be her Tampon, the Royals are a constant in our lives, their every action broadcast across the World.
The younger generation of Royals seem to be coping better than their elder relatives which brings us to Prince Harry. I wonder what the cheeky scamp has been up to since he last dressed up as a Nazi.
Joined the Army, went to Afghanistan, videoed himself calling other people ragheads and Pakis. Ooops.
It does seem that the ginger haired Royal does make a habit of, let's be honest, being a prat.
It is bad enough that a member of Britain's top family find this type of language acceptable but to say it on video for everyone to see and hear just shows that years of privilege and finest education doesn't necessarily make a person less of an idiot.
Prince Harry has since apologised for his use of racist language and apologised for any offence caused, or rather he got a flunky to do it through a snotty statement, just as he did when he tastefully got out the swastika and Joesph Goebbels uniform a few years ago.
His father should really sit him down and have a word with him about his indecent behaviour and if he is too busy, perhaps Prince Charles could do it.


Cody Bones said...

He does seem like a complete hammerhead, but it has to be a bitch to have almost everything you say go under scrutiny. Lets just say that when I was Harry's age, I definitely said some not so nice things as well. I also have been guilty of repeating very tasteless jokes on occasion.

Jodie Kash said... much do you love how at the end of a faux call to his granny (who haps to be the queen) say...

"God save you."

Loves me some ging.

Cheezy said...

I think this one is a bit of a storm in a teacup, so I hope we don't issue a fatwaagainst Harry...

However, I think my friend of mine raised a good point on his Facebook page:

"Not sure the Army is the right place to teach over-privileged tossers about equality and humanity."

Yet somehow we still think it's a great 'character building' vocation for young people...

Why doesn't he join Habitat for Humanity or some group like that and go and build houses for the homeless in West Africa for a few years? That would surely do him (and the army?) a lot more good.

I'm not at all surprised that Harry uses this sort of language, particularly when he's around his army chums. Or Prince Philip.

What does slightly surprise me is that he'd let himself get filmed saying it... after the 'Nazi uniform' episode (another incident blown out of all proportion, IMHO) you'd have thought he'd have learned that he can't fart without it making the tabloids.

Obviously he's a bit slow.

Lucy said...

Like most, i love putting the boot into the Royals but i would agree that the Army is not the first port of call when you go looking for respect and equality.
Would have thought that as third in line to the throne he would have had it drummed into him by the flunkies and royal groomers that he can't say things like this and especially not onto video.