Saturday, 10 January 2009

Tony Blair's Medals

Following Detective Constable Stephen Oakes death during a counter terrorism operation in January 2003, Tony Blair and his Government rejected an application to award the officer the Queen's Gallantry Medal for bravery.
A six year long battle later and with wonderful timing, Detective Oakes has this week finally been awarded a posthumous medal for bravery.
With this in mind, the same Tony Blair that blocked that particular policeman's award is to be handed the US medal of Freedom for his work to 'improve the lives of their citizens and for their efforts to promote democracy, human rights and peace abroad' from his good pal George W Bush.
That's nice of Bush to recognise Blair's work in improving the life of us Brits, not sure how he improved it mind you but he's getting a medal pinned on his lapel for it so it would be churlish to point out how glad we all were to see the back of him.
Of course the medal is not so much about how Blair reduced waste in the Civil Service and more about how he helped to shock and awe Iraq into a country where Al Queada is still free to blow up people at will five years later. Congratulations Tony.
Blair is still yet to pick up his other medal, the Congressional Gold Medal, which he was awarded more than five years ago for his support during the Iraq War. Can't think why he would be reluctant to stand shoulder to shoulder with easily the most hated American of our generation and receive an award for a war that did much to ignite terrorism around the World but if he is struggling to think of a place to stick his two medals, i can suggest somewhere.


Kvatch said...

John Howard, Australia's disgraced former Prime Minister, as well. In fact, Mr. Howard is the reason the Obama's don't get to stay at Blair House.

Go figure...

Lucy said...

I am hoping for a freak accident when Bush pins the medals onto Howard & Blair.

Cheezy said...

Our Tony's doing a bang up job (or should that be 'blow up job'?) as Middle East Peace Envoy though, isn't he?

Lucy said...

He was doing great and then he came back from holiday and it all went to pot.