Thursday, 15 October 2009

Cheating Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole's career has recovered well since she was found guilty of assault in 2003. Luckily for her the charge of racist assault was dropped as the jury couldn't agree if Cole had called her victim a bitch or a black bitch as she pummelled her so it was just plain old assault on a toilet attendant or she would really have been in trouble. It's one thing to punch people but another thing if you are racist while doing it.
Since then she has managed to keep her fists to herself and has turned into a British icon and has landed herself a job as a judge on one of Simon Cowells karaoke programs, the same sort of show that started it all off for her.
While her husband was off having sex with hairdressers, we collectively hugged her to our bosom and gave her a cuddle but now the tide may be turning back against her again.
As one of the winners of Pop Idol, you would imagine she would be quite a good judge, having been there and done it all previously.
You would think but it seems that when the judge performs her debut solo single on The X-Factor this Saturday, her vocals will have been recorded earlier in the day, whereas the contestants are compelled to sing live leaving me to wonder how can they take her comments seriously when she mimes when its her turn to step up to the plate?
I've always felt a sense of dishonesty when pop singers lip sync. There was time when Milli Vanilla and Betty Boo were chased out of town for doing it but they don't seem to even try and hide it now. Britney was at it a while back and that's bad enough considering how much she charges for a concert ticket just to hear a recording of her singing.
As someone who basically makes a living from critiquing peoples' singing, that's a pretty bad move for Mrs Cole, it's admitting that the contestants are more talented than those judging them.
I can't wait for the first contestant she criticises to ask her if she would care to show them how it's done and hand her the mic. If only the toilet attendant had been so good at ducking things, she might not have ended up so badly beaten.


Cheezy said...
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Cheezy said...

No doubt that Cheryl Cole is a very average singer whose career has thrived solely because of her not inconsiderable physical attractiveness...

But is she any less talented than Danni Minogue? Louis Walsh? Sharon Osbourne? Simon Farking Cowell?

Quite possibly not.

Welcome to life. It's a bit of a lottery, I've found.

Falling on a bruise said...

I guess Cowell and Walsh could make the argument that they have steered groups to success but then before this Cole could say that as she has been through it, she would make a good mentor. To guide people through what she isn't prepared to do herself though stinks.
No idea what argument you could make for Danni though apart from her having a famous sister.