Monday, 5 October 2009

Let's All Move To Norway

My plan has always been to take early retirement and go live in one of the Scandinavian countries.
Sweden probably as they have the nicest flag and Santa lives there but i certainly don't plan to spend my twilight years licking stamps with Queen Elizabeth's head on them.
Anyone looking to live elsewhere in the World, the Human Development Report is always a good source of information as it lists the best, and worst places, in the World and according to the 2009 rankings, its Norway we should all be heading towards as it takes the prize as the best place to live.
Australia is second and Iceland third, Canada fourth with Sweden seventh.
I love France (8th), and i would move there like a shot if they removed all the French first and Switzerland (9th) would be ideal if it wasn't for the frightening prospect of running into Phil Collins.
The United States is 13th with the UK 21st.
At the other end of the scale, Niger, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone are all to be given a wide berth although the continent of Africa should be avoided in general as it almost dominates the bottom end of the chart.
The 182 countries were ranked according to the quality of life their citizens experienced and as 3 of the top 4 are well known for their snow, it seems the secret to living long and prospering is to move somewhere cold.


Anonymous said...



Cody Bones said...

"it seems the secret to living long and prospering is to move somewhere cold. "

So I'm living in a Vulcan paradise here in Chicago???

Get it? Live long and prosper?? Spock??? C'mon people, I'm working here.

effay said...

I thought people always killed themselves more in dreary wintry countries than elsewhere?

Annie said...

cold, yes. but there are far worse things to be. the man and i have been
plotting our escape which will occur after the youngest completes her senior year in june.

Lucy said...

Is that where i got that from? Star Trek!
I think the likes of Norway and Sweden do have the highest suicide rates effay. Not sure why but i'd like to think Abba is involved somewhere.

Anonymous said...

the suicide comes from everybody being blonde - no variety, which is the spice of life! no variety in weather either... ooops, wrong about that, sometimes it is colder...


Anonymous said...


a while back you asked why netenyahu went to russia.

well, here you go...

it seems he was giving the russians a list of names - names of russians that were teaching iran how to build a nuclear weapon (versus a nuclear power plant).

i share this for two reasons:

1. you have often cast aspersions at my news sources, or at least question their breadth and depth, well this is an english news source (not Fox news)... yes i read UK sources as well...

2. you often make note that the USA cant get UN support for iran or nkorea sanctions, I always discount your argument as being irrelevant since russia and china block everything proposed by the USA via the UN. this news article reinforces my argument that the USA can't get anything thru the UN secruity council because russia and the USA have been on opposite poles since circa 1948. in this case russia isnt just blocking the USA in the UN, russia is actively aiding iran


Lucy said...

I don't think i have cast aspersions on your news sources, as i recall you were casting aspersions on mine.
I will check back though.

I also don't recall saying US couldn't get support for N Korean sanctions either, can't even remember mentioning N Korean sanctions here.

I do remember saying that the veto needs to be removed from the 5 permanent members though and a majority rule introduced in place.

Cheezy said...

Great threadjack though!

Lucy said...

Norway won't be amused. Q can expect a strongly worded letter from Oslo.