Thursday, 5 November 2009

Arsenal Fans And Colorado Rapids Fans

It seems that my team Arsenal are the next club to be hauling up the Star Spangled banner above their Stadium as Stan Kroenke positions himself to make a grab for power. As Kroenke is named as number 164 in the Forbes 400 list of richest people in the World, us Arsenal fans can only say a big Howdy to the yank and wonder if Fernando Torres would prefer to move to the Emirates in the January or summer transfer window.

What it does mean is that Arsenal and its fans will now move in with the rest of the Kroenke family so what other team fans will we be joining. Hello St Louis Rams supporters, we call your sport American Football here which may become confusing.
Is that you i see hiding over there fans of the baseball team Denver Nuggets. I see you have already met the Colorado Avalanche Hockey fans. I expect we will be seeing much more of each other in the near future Colorado Rapids Football team. Pre-season friendlies and i imagine we will find our way to lend you a few of our lesser players. What's that? Do we have a striker that's not really cutting it and wouldn't be missed by the team that we could lend you? Nicklas Bendtner, these guys want a word with you.

Another of the English teams that have already joined up with American owners is Aston Villa who have taken Randy Lerner's money and actually made quite a decent fist of things if you ignore Emile Heskey. Their fans are now linked with the American Football Team the Cleveland Browns.

Liverpool fans have been campaigning to oust the American duo of George Gillett and Tom Hicks ever since they took over and now with them out of the Premier League Title race, the League Cup and as good as out of the European Champions League before the first weekend of November, things will only get warmer for the Americans. For now though they are in with the supporters of the baseball team Texas Rangers, and ice hockey's Dallas Stars.

Finally Manchester United fans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers supporters shared common ground when Malcom Glazer strode into Old Trafford and plonked his amusingly ginger facial hair behind the owners desk. What with the Man Utds managers purple nose it can be quite a colour clash when these two get together.
Anyway, Manchester United fans are easily the most despised in the country so by association we are legally obliged to boo loudly at you Buccaneer fans also. Sorry, its the law.


Jay-Five said...

Hi, I'm a Rapids and Arsenal fan. Being from Colorado I naturally follow the other teams as well. Stan Kroenke is no King Midas. Every teams that he touches turns to crap. The Rams were a great team until Stan bought in and they jst snapped a 17 game losing streak. In the NFL 17 games is an eternity. The Av's were annual contenders for the Stanley Cup and last year finished at the bottom of the table. The Rapids had consistently made the playoffs and generally made a run deep into them. Since Stan has owned our team we ave missed the playoffs every year.

ps. The Nuggets play basketball

Cheezy said...

"Every teams that he touches turns to crap."

Fingers crossed then! ;)

Falling on a bruise said...

Welcome Jay, if his teams struggle over 17 games then we are stuffed over our 38 game season. Hopefully he will just stump up the money and stay in Colorado.

That sounds like John Barnes Cheezy.