Sunday, 22 November 2009

I'll Be Back LHC

As the Large Hadron Collider is back in action there was an amazing comment by a scientist on the BBC this morning who said that the whole idea went 'against nature and would be sabotaged by the future'.
The interviewer allowed this comment to pass but it sparked my imagination into considering a Terminator type situation where people come back in time to stop us making whatever catastrophe is about to befall us.
Albert Einstein said the 'separation between past, present and future is only an illusion' which shows which side of the time travel fence he sat upon and i never go against the advice of crazy haired Germans when it comes to all things scientific.
It is actually quite a simple thing to ponder that at some point in the future humans have the ability to be able to travel back in time. Think of the technology we had in 1909 compared to what we have in 2009 and us humans have advanced in amazing leaps and bounds. Imagine explaining Satellite Television to someone in 1909 and they would look at you as if you were crazy.
The usual argument from time travel sceptics is why are we not overrun by people from the future coming back to see us? One reason could be that there is nothing worth seeing at this moment in time.
If i had a chance to go back to the last century, the most obvious times to choose would be 1914-1919 and 1939-1945 for the wars and 1969 to see the Moon Landing with a stop off in 1991 to see Nirvana live when i had the chance but decided i'd give it a miss and see them next time. That gives 13 years out of a possible 100 so maybe there just hasn't been anything happening so far for them to want to come and see.
I love the idea that our future selves are able to come back and stop us doing stupid things although i may change my mind if there are reports of leather clad men wielding shotguns on motorbikes saying 'Hasta la vista, baby' riding around Switzerland anytime soon.


Anonymous said...


how do we know that future time travelers aren't amoung us?

it could explain how some people are so successful like warren buffet, bill gates, multiple lottery winners, the people that called in sick on 9/11, the people that called in sick on the USS Arizona on Dec 7, Billy Jean King, LBJ...

Some obvious ones that weren't successful time travelers include Abe Lincoln, JFK, Saddam, a couple Henry's wives, etc.


Lucy said...

Very true Q although to complicate things even further, maybe originally the likes of JFK, Abe and Saddam were only minor politiicans of their time but through someone going back in time and changing a few things, they became World reknown and massive historical figures. Maybe i have just been watching Quantum Leap way too much.