Friday, 18 March 2011


Many years ago a friend and i invented a game to play on Google. You start with 2 random words and you have to take turns changing one of the words to get less hits than the previous person got. If you scored a nil then you lost.
Many hours we spent playing that instead of doing anything constructive and we still play it now occasionally to decide which one of us has to make the coffee or buy the pastries.
Google hasn't changed much all these years later but i do enjoy the feature where you start to type something it the search box and it attempts to guess what you are going to type before you finish.
Because it receives millions and millions of requests per day, it is an excellent way of finding out what's popular and what people are thinking.
We have done the i love and i hate question previously and found out that Obama was both the most loved and most hated person according to the number of Google hits he got but just what are the tens of millions of Google users asking today about the great and good?
if we type in the word 'Is' and then the name of those in the news today we get the questions:

is David Cameron popular, jewish, married
is Obama a muslim, freemason, black
is Maragaret Thatcher dead, dead yet, still alive
is Justin Bieber dead, gay, a virgin
is the Queen german, dead, married
is Charlie Sheen dead, dying, rich
is Tony Blair a freemason, jewish, scottish
is God real, dead, an alien
is Gaddafi in venezuela, finished, jewish
is Lady Gaga a man, dead, gay

There does seem to be a theme where Googlers want to know if someone is dead or Jewish but i love the way the most asked question about Lady Gaga is whether she is a man or not and all everyone wants to know about Margaret Thatcer is whether she has died yet.


Anonymous said...


too quote the person most lefties idolize "well, it depends on what is is." thank you for that quote mr slick willie clinton.

saying strategery and nucular may be stupid, but it wasn't insulting. what clinton said assumed that we are all stupid. and that is insulting...

btw, i didn't realize you invented that google game. i mean, it was a craze back around 2002 and somebody had to invent it. didn't know it was you. do you happen to know mr gore? he invented the internet...


Lucy said...

Wow, have i got a claim to fame over the Google game? Who do i see about my dues? We must be owed billions. We were playing it in 2000. She took a career break in the summer of 2000 and we were playing it before then.
If it wasn't for Al Gore then none of it would have been possible.