Sunday, 17 May 2009

I Love...

Ying and yang, right and wrong, war and peace, Seinfeld and being funny. Everything has an opposite and following on from the recent 'I Hate...' post, let's feel the love and find out who and what the Internet is adoring. Using the phrase ' I Love...' we find out that:

Most loved country: I am happy to say that Canada sits atop this tree with 131,000,000 hits with France close behind on 114,000,000, just ahead of China with 112,000,000. America is almost half as loved as its neighbour on 71,000,000 while England lags behind on 46,700,000.

Most loved nationality: Surprisingly, Italians are massively the most loved people with 248,000,000 hits.
Americans are second with 103,000,000 and then the bruce's and sheilas down under with 78,000,000. To rub salt into the wounds, the French (70,700,000) are also above the British (51,500,000). Unfortunately the love for Canada doesn't stretch to loving the Canadians who manage only 29,700,000.

Most loved person: Obama pulls off the neat trick of being the most hated and the most loved with 84,000,000, far and away more loved than the cowboy in the White House previously who still has 14,300,000 willing to say that they love him. Hitler (6,470,000) worryingly has quite a fan base and bragging rights go to Gordon Brown with 2,2560,000 hits to Tony Blair's 715,000 which is considerably less than Bin Ladens 1,500,000 and Stalin's 1,0890,000.

Most loved decade: Despite the flares, dodgy hairstyles and the Osmond's, the 70s are the most loved decade with 31,300,000. Then come the 80s (24,700,000), 60s (16,200,000), 90s (14,400,000) and the 60s (13,200,000). The present decade limped in with 674,000 but to be fair there are still 7 months to go and something might happen yet to make us look back on it fondly.

Most loved spouse: You soppy men. 62,400,000 are willing to go online and tell us that you love your wife while 49,400,000 wives do the same for their hubby's.

Just to finish with, easily the most loved thing is you with an amazing 924,000,000 hits. Gives me a nice warm glow inside to see the amount of love being shared. Come here Robert Mugabe you big lug and give us a cuddle.

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