Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Avoiding The Top Job

With the British Government being about as popular as a low calorie snack in Beth Dittos cupboard, i do wonder why, when everything is collapsing around our ears, would anyone want to pick up the mantle for the next 5 years.
The ferocious battle not to land the job is hotting up as Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Party try to avoid winning the next election.
Despite seeing his side lodged firmly in the hot seat, Foreign Secretary, David Milliband, says he is confident that his party has what it takes to avoid trouble.
"Obviously at this stage of the election cycle we have more support than we'd like but i genuinely believe that my party is capable of losing every debate between now and the election. There's no reason why we can't finish behind UKIP".
Conservative leader David Cameron admits that he is now almost resigned to taking over the leadership for the next term.
"Clearly its not ideal, but we have got ourselves into this Governing mess but as we have proved before, we are capable of getting ourselves out of it".
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg aired the view concerning his party that they are really having to lower their game in order to avoid the dreaded keys to number 10.
"The record of my party speaks for itself" he said before adding, "Lucky for us".

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