Thursday, 21 May 2009

Angry At The Wrong Scandal

The British people are angry over the MP expenses scandal so we keep being told and so we should be.
Journalists are doorstepping voters and they are told in no uncertain terms that we are as mad as hell and we ain't gonna take it no more.
Strange how it has taken a large group of MP's dipping their sticky fingers into our money to collectively rile us when there was something happening right in front of our eyes a few years ago that was much worse than Hazel Blears not paying her Capital Gains tax.
Half the country were against the Iraq War and we were very vocal in our condemnation of Blair and his Governments willingness to follow George W Bush into waging a wrong and indefensible war against Saddam Hussein.
A few MPs resigned but nobody was investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service or threatened with legal action over the Governments blatant lies. What Tony Blair did has to be infinitely worse than Peter Viggers taking £1600 out of the public purse to pay for a Duck house.
Rising up as one and demanding MPs are sacked for fiddling their expenses seems small fry compared to the consequences of what our MPs allowed to happen in Iraq.
We seem to have our priorities wrong here or maybe we are just more angry about illegal expenses claims then we are about illegal wars.
Not to suggest that what our MPs have been up to is not arrogant, contemptible and worthy of us rising up in anger, i just think that we should have been collectively demanding the removal of MPs, the lynching of the Prime Minister and calling for the Government to overhaul how it does its business during an even more serious scandal in 2003.

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