Monday, 18 May 2009

Susan Boyle Overload

When it comes to our celebrities, we are a very fickle bunch us Brits. All the time Catherine Zeta Jones was making ITV programmes, she was loved and adored but the second she hopped across to Hollywood, the knives came out and rather than celebrate her success, we all began violently tearing her down.
It seems that we have a distinct dislike for anyone who 'gets above their station' or stops being the underdog and turns into the star turn as i fear Susan Boyle is soon to discover.
Building them up and then tearing them down is a uniquely British past-time and since her appearance on Britain's Got Talent, Susan Boyle has certainly made the most of her 15 minutes of fame with appearance on US Television, regular updates of her movements in the tabloids and even a particularly ugly doll made of her. I almost guarantee that the tide is over-ripe for turning.
She has a pleasant enough voice and seems a very nice person from the clips that i have seen of the woman from West Lothian but her unique selling point, her battle against the odds to be accepted for her talent rather than her appearance, has been surpassed. Now she is the favourite to win the show and to go on to bigger and better things and if she does then i wish her all the best, but the normally savvy Simon Cowell has slipped up with this one by allowing almost blanket coverage of everything she does.
After the second audition stage where the judges pick the contestants that progress, the public get to choose and that's where the fickle nature of the British may decide that they have had enough of Susan Boyle and kick her out.
Anyone who has paid enough attention to these type of shows where the British public is concerned, will know that it is extremely rare for the one making the biggest headlines to walk off with the prize.


effay said...

I am so fed up with seeing "Susan Boyle booted on Talent" articles. I've never watched whatever talented thing it was she did and I don't ever want to. Please just make her go away.

effay said...

Wouldn't'ya know that right after posting that comment I stumble upon "What next for Susan Boyle after surprise finale?" I'm going to cast two votes for oblivion.

Lucy said...

Sending her to Belgium seems a bit harsh effay!!