Saturday, 9 May 2009

Who's The Weiner Guy?

It is interesting to discover how back in the day, people got their given surnames. If your surname is Cooper it's because your ancestors were barrel makers. If you have the surname of Brewster, your forefathers were Brewers and if you are a Collier than you come from a long line of Coal Miners. Just what Michael Weiner's family were caught doing to earn that surname could be an interesting story but he saw sense to change it to Savage although reading through some of his comments, the first name was much more apt.
I had never heard of Michael Savage until this week when Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, decided one morning that she didn't want the American talk show host coming to this country and banned him. Not that he had any plans to come here, she was just randomly saying that if he did decide to make a trip to Blighty one day, he couldn't come.
He was named among 16 people who 'fomented hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way as to cause violence if they were allowed into the country, she said.
It seems America has a (what is the collective noun for brainless right-wing talk show hosts, a gag possibly) of these morons who thrive on controversy and notoriety and appeal to those Obama called religious, bitter, gun clingers. We have Terry Wogan.
In response to our Government telling him to stay over there, Savage is telling his listeners to boycott coming to England and as he purports to speak on behalf of the American public, we may be deprived of the sight and sound of yanks in psychodelic shirts mangling the names of our towns and talking loudly about resting their fanny.
I'm not personally against Weiner coming here, we have our own fair share of right wing imbeciles with nothing intelligent to say and who appeal to the equally brainless. We call them the Conservative Party.


effay said...

There is a definite progression that will let you know just how right-wing your friends are. First they may start with a little O'Reilly Factor and Hannity. Then they might start listening to those two on the radio. Then they move on to some Rush. After Rush, then they move to people like Michael Savage.

Anyhow, this seems like a pretty dumb move by your Home Secretary. Why announce all this to the public? I mean, when I first started reading your post I was incredibly surprised that you would know who Michael Savage is, since most Republicans here don't even know who he is. It would have stayed that way if she would have kept her mouth shut. In fact, it's almost like she just wants to punish America by breathing life into that moron.

Lucy said...

I have no idea why she suddenly blurted that he wasn't welcome here. I assumed he had announced he was coming over for something but he hadn't. I had to look him up and after reading some of his quotes, he does sound like a real lunatic. Better to wait until someone undesirable wants to come in rather than just randomly blurting out names.

Cheezy said...

Another idiotic move by the Home Office. This guy may talk shit for a living, but he poses no realistic threat to anyone. Or at least, he didn't until Smith saw fit to ban him from the country... which is just the sort of move likely to pique people's curiosity about him... Honestly, this guy sounds so bitter and negligible that nobody - over this side of the pond - would have paid him much attention to him - before now.

It's the 'David Irving Syndrome' all over again.

Someone should whisper in Smith's shell-like ear that you can say that you believe in freedom of speech as much as you like, but this belief is never actually tested until someone says something that you vehemently disagree with.