Sunday, 11 September 2011

Association With Tyrants

French fashion label, Lacoste, has asked Norwegian authorities to prevent Anders Behring Breivik from wearing it's clothing as the mass murderer wearing their gear may damage their brand. Nobody likes being associated with a mass murderer after-all.
Of course it is unfortunate for the company concerned if a maniac decides he likes what you produce, but even worse is if a company chooses to do business with a mass murder and during the 2nd World War many companies decided that the Nazi's money was as good as anyone elses.
Companies like IBM who built the Third Reich custom-made machines and punch cards so they could keep track of who was filling up their concentration concentration camps making the Nazi's much more efficient in their mass slaughter.
Another friend of the Nazi's was Coca-Cola who played both sides during World War Two, supported the American troops but also making sure the Nazi's never got thirsty either. After the Coca-Cola factories ran out of syrup in Germany due to wartime restrictions, they invented a new drink just for the Nazis and called it Fanta. Thirsty work killing all those millions so nice of Coca-Cola to keep the Germans spirits up.
Kodak did business with the Nazis, buying chemicals and camera parts from the Nazis as did Ford who provided the raw materials for Nazi vehicles. Nestle fought for, and won, the contract to supply the entire Nazi army with chocolate.
Siemens not only funded the Nazi party but constructed the gas chambers but the prize must go to Hugo Boss who got its start in the fashion business by designing and making the uniforms for the Nazi's.
Lacoste may be worried about there brand becoming associated with Anders Breivik but a bit of association with murders never harmed some of the other big names and anyway, being caught pumping deadly chemicals in the Chinese Yangtze and Pearl Rivers as Lacoste were this year should worry it far more.

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And then there the more recent association between English Prime Ministers and American Presidents associating with Bin Laden, the Taliban, Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi.