Monday, 6 February 2012

Sharing & Caring London Olympics

The helpful Olympic Games countdown website is showing 1642 days to the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 but if you can't wait that long to see sweaty people get medals for running and throwing things, it is only 172 days to the London Olympics.
It will be a delightful time in the height of summer, all dressed in our summer clothes and with picnics in the Olympic parks.
Hang on, the terms and conditions published by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog) states quite clearly that food is banned.
Oh well, at least we can have a refreshing drink in the warmth of the lazy summer days as we watch the Worlds finest run around in circles and jump over things. What? Drink, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are banned also?
They will be telling me I can't wear my new designer t-shirt next. Really? Anything bearing trademarks or other kinds of promotional signs on hats, T-shirts and bags will also be confiscated?
Can i text my friends to tell them how we are not allowed to anything to eat or drink and to meet me outside with my plain white t-shirt?
Of course not, Mobile phones are banned also, how silly of me.
So if i have to spend hours in a hot venue in the middle of summer with nothing to eat or drink, how am i meant to stop myself from collapsing from starvation or dehydration?
Official sponsors McDonald's and Coca-Cola will be available in all venues you say. Nice.
A gold medal to Locog for exploitation.


Anonymous said...

maybe you can watch on TV (iPhone) like the rest of us...


Lucy said...

That's the plan and as it is in the UIK, all the finals should be in the evening so i don't have to feign norovirus to watch Usain Bolt win the 200m.
You have an iPhone??