Friday, 20 July 2012

Maggie Thatcher The Milk Snatcher

Quite ironic that the opening of the Olympics a week today will show an idyllic rural scene of the British countryside complete with farmers and cows in England's green and pleasant land just as the dairy farmers are up in arms and blockading milk processing plants.
Danny Boyle has a week to somehow shoehorn in angry farmers cursing and waving pitchforks as they protest the 2p a litre cut that is being forced upon them by the milk processors and retailers.
This comes only months after the last decrease, a combination that farmers' groups say has left them producing milk at a loss as it costs them 30p a litre to produce for which they will now receive 29p a litre.
Maybe Danny Boyle's opening ceremony routine can take us back to a time pre-1994 when the Government run Milk Marketing Board was still around to ensure that milk producers were guaranteed a minimum price for their produce.
So what happened in 1994?
Margaret Thatcher happened and she dissolved the Board leaving the dairy farmers in the hands of companies, those same processing and grocery companies who are now making billions and expecting the dairy farmers to be happy earning less for their produce then it cost to create it.
To add another level of irony to the story, Margaret Thatcher was known as Maggie Thatcher the milk snatcher back in her reign for removing free milk from school children, was the daughter of a grocer.
She may have been gone for a couple of decades but such was the the affects of her capitalist zeal during her time in power that it is still resonating today.
My next concern is that the disco floor they are planning to build on her burial site might not be big enough to accommodate the growing amount of people who will want to dance on it.

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