Monday, 16 July 2012

The Smarter Sex

Ever since the first male and a female amoeba evolved, there has been the conundrum posed as to which of the sexes is the more cerebral.
Personally, i have never seen it as a contest because the most beautiful relationships between a man and a woman result when we both address a problem as one, together as equals who respect each other and...hang on a second, what’s this from the world-renowned expert on IQ testing James Flynn? He's studies reveal that Women have higher IQ's then men. Woohoo, in your face penis owners.
Flynn examined data from western European countries, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina and Estonia and found that for the first time in a century of testing, women are scoring higher than men on IQ examinations.
Until recently, women's scores lagged behind men's by as much as 5% leading some scientists (obviously male) to claim that men were inherently more intelligent than women.
Flynn, an obvious anomaly in the male form, cites that women have a higher potential for intelligence which is emerging as they are given more opportunities to compete in the world outside the home.
Of course it would be wrong of us to brag or boast that the fairer sex is also the smarter sex because, and let’s be honest, we all knew it anyway.

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