Sunday, 30 April 2017

Can A Progressive Alliance Work?

When the idea of a progressive alliance was first mooted a few weeks ago to stop the Tory Hard Brexit i thought it was a good idea, albeit unworkable.
The idea is that the 'left' parties, the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Labour Party, would not contest each others seats where one of them would have a chance of defeating the Conservative Party as not to split the left vote and Green, Lib Dem and Labour voters in that constituency would only have that one party or the Tories to vote for.
To my pleasant surprise, the idea has gained traction and several areas are debating withdrawing their candidate with Brighton and the Isle of Wight the latest to consider the pact along with several London constituencies who have already agreed to the pact.
I am all for strategic placing of candidates and tactical voting all over the UK in order to reduce the damage of the the Toxic Tories but i still think self-interest will stop it happening but it wil be very interesting to see if the momentum keeps building up to the day of the vote.
I will be more than happy to 'lend' my vote to whoever to stop the madness and self-inflicted economic suicide of a Tory Brexit.

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