Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Answering The Call

Any column that starts with the wise words 'Women - why aren't you running the world yet?' has got to be worth a read or rather, once we have finished the ironing and getting dinner ready that is.
Charlie Brooker may write a brilliantly funny column in the Guardian but he has come up with a humdinger of a plan.
'We don't need a few women in conspicuous positions of power scattered here and there - we need a 10-year prohibition on all forms of male power. A decade in which men don't get to control anything, from the remote control upwards' Sense at last from someone with a pair of testicles as he continues 'We've made a testosterone-sodden pig's ear of just about everything: politics, the economy, religion, the environment ... you name it, it's in a gigantic man-wrought mess.'
You can't argue with him, men truly have made a huge stinking mess of everything they have touched and we expect them to get us out of it? Ain't gonna happen so i fully back Mr Brooker's call for a mammary led revolution where women take the reins of power and lead us into an era of worldwide peace, love and friendship.
'Please, women, for all our sakes: we're just too bloody stupid to save the planet. Looks like you'll have to clean up our mess. Mankind's depending on you.'
Ok Charlie, we accept, but we had better make it after the weekend though because i got a nail appointment Saturday morning and I've got a pile of washing to do.


Cheezy said...

Sure, why not? As long as my dinner's on the table when I get home from work then I don't really mind where my better half spends her day - whether it be the hairdressers, Tupperware parties, or the House of Commons ;-)

Falling on a bruise said...

The only flaw in the plan is we will have to find a place for Hazel Blears although she will have a bit more time on her hands now she has quit the cabinet to help the Labour Party 'reconnect with the British people'. Makes a change from disgraced MPs quitting to spend more time with their family i guess.

Anonymous said...


I too am ready to let women run the world. I'm plenty ready to lay around and watch soap operas and chat on the phone...