Sunday, 28 June 2009

Armed Forces Day Con

Yesterday was the first Armed Forces Day, an 'opportunity for the nation to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community' according to the Government.
What it actually appears to be is a cynical ploy to recruit youngsters to the Armed Forces because for some reason, young men and women are choosing not to sign up for a career in the Army, Navy or Air Force.
It seems unthinkable that anyone would sign up for a career where you get inadequate training, are not handed the right equipment to do the job and your safety is jeopardised due to cost cutting. You wouldn't stand for it in an office but this is the conditions you are expected to work under if you sign up to 'defend' the nation.
Not that there will be much defending, the emphasis seems to be much more on pre-emptive attacking against countries that are no threat to us.
If you are content to become little more than cannon fodder in either of the current Governments misadventures in the Middle East then go along, wave your little flag and be taken in by talk of 'doing your bit for your country'. Ask about your pitiful pension, the second rate care in case of injury and heaven forbid the way your family will be left to hang if you are killed in action. Most importantly ask yourself why the former recruits are leaving in droves at the first opportunity.
My advice is to take it for the cynical, disturbing and exploitative move of our armed forces by a Government desperate to drum up recruits for its questionable wars.
Go to college or University, start up a business or go work at a factory, do anything except be suckered in by these callously calculating and devious tactics.

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