Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Why Super Fast Broadband?

I expect my Internet story is the same as everyone else's. It began in the late 90's with a 56k modem which not only occupied the phone line but introduced me to the web and allowed me to hunt for pictures of David Boreanaz. Five years on and we upgraded to 1mb Broadband which significantly increased our ability to find bigger and better pictures of David Boreanaz at super speeds. Last year i paid the extra to double the Broadband speed to 2mb but saw no discernible increase in anything much. Pages and the David Boreanaz pictures still loaded in an instant, the blue download bar continued to move along with satisfying speed and Internet video's and radio played uninterrupted same as ever. I did wonder exactly what i got for my extra 1mb apart from a larger bill from Virgin media and the answer was that my pages loaded and downloads came down the wires nano seconds quicker.
This may be important to some impatient people who want their pages loading in 0.3 rather than 0.5 seconds but i don't mind having to wait the time it takes to blink for mine so i have to think what would we gain from rewiring the country so we all get super-fast broadband speeds?
It does seem to be a common theme that we apparently demand faster broadband and the Government have listened, acted and propose charging households with landlines an extra 50p a month to subsidise it.
"This shows how seriously the Government is taking this idea of a broadband roll-out to as many people as possible" some Government wonk muttered today before adding 'investment in the information and communications industries can underpin our emergence from recession".
The only people who i can see benefiting from it is those who download large files and those types seem to be the ones using Utorrent and Pirate Bay to get illegal films and software which the Government is promising to crack down on.
Am i missing something here or am i not with the times in demanding that my google search for David Boreanaz naked and rolled in marmalade is not coming back to me at the speed of light?


Cody Bones said...

Umm Hello... Hi -def porn that I can stream to my HDTV on Demand. Now That's what I'm talking about.

Falling on a bruise said...

We have the Parliament channel and MUTV here for that Cody. All the dicks and tits you could ever want to watch.

Anne said...

I work for an I.S.P. more areas served by high speed equals more DSL customers. We are incredibly rural. So rural that there are outlying areas that can only get dial-up from us!

Anonymous said...


you mean yawl have dial up? Wow, the part of Texas I live in is getting electricity next year. We'll get dial up in 2015. What is DSL?


Anne said...

we have primarily dsl customers, q. dial up is for the backwoodsians-and there are many. dsl is high speed, over the phone line.