Sunday, 7 December 2014

New Christmas Songs

I have often lamented the sad demise of the Christmas song and since how since it's heyday in the 70s when the likes of Slade and Wizzard were prancing around the Top of The Pops studio in fake snow and flares, today's musicians just haven't cut it.
With the exception of 'All i want for Christmas is you' by Mariah Carey, it has been pants and this year it is no different with the same old songs being recycled on everyone's Greatest Christmas list.
Now i enjoy hearing festive tunes but there is only so many times you can hear The Pogues or Mud but the record industry has come up with a new way of making Christmas hits, they just get someone to re-record a song and release it at Christmas and instant entry on the Greatest Christmas Hits list next year.
For some reason Whitney Houston (brilliantly) warbling her way through 'I Will Always Love You' is now regarded as a Christmas hit and so is the Rik Astley mauling of 'When I Fall In Love' which is all very reminiscent of 'Die Hard' popping up its head in Best Christmas Films lists.
They may have snow in the videos but Whitney is not a Christmas Song, Astley is not a Christmas Song (and i'm not even certain Astley qualifies as a singer) and Die Hard is not a Christmas Film now redo those lists and for crying out loud give Shakin' Stevens the credit 'Merry Christmas Everyone' deserves!

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