Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Now Say Sorry Obama

After weeks of finger pointing and allegedly taking down of their internet, security experts investigating the hack against Sony Pictures appear to be moving away from the theory that the attack was carried out by North Korea, focusing instead on disgruntled former employees of the firm. Whoops, awkward.
Researchers at Norse cybersecurity claim that six former employees could have compromised the company’s networks, arguing that accessing and navigating selective information would take a detailed knowledge of Sony’s systems. 
Head of Security, Marc Rogers said: 'While it’s plausible that an attacker could have built up this knowledge over time and then used it to make the malware, Occam’s razor suggests the simpler explanation of an insider. It also fits with the pure revenge tact that this started out as'.
If it is proven that the Sony hack had nothing to do with North Korea as now appears likely, when can North Korea and Kim Jong Un expect the formal apology from Obama and a big box of 'I'm sorry' chocolates? I think Kim would like that, he looks partial to a bit of chocolate.


Q said...
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Unknown said...

Do you remember when US shot down an Iran civil aeroplane killing 290 people?
George Bush (father) claimed "I'll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever. I don’t care what the facts are". The crew of the ship that launched the missile was awarded.

Does anyone remember an ocassion when an American has apologised?

Q said...

I don't. Don't remember a spaniard apologizing either.

Lucy said...

With yet another Bush having an eye on the White House we may be set for some more non-apologies from a Bush family member yet.