Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Blair Lied Shock

It was 1997 and the dreaded Conservatives were out on their ear and in came a fresh faced Tony Blair to brush away the stench of sleaze left lingering by 18 years of Maggie Thatcher and John Major.
Because it came in his honeymoon period, the Formula 1 business that has come back to bite Blair with such relish, went swiftly by and we all bought the 'i'm a straight kind of guy' speech that he made. Little did we know that later we would discover that he was as straight as a circle when it came to telling the truth.
The Government were about to bring in a ban on tobacco advertising but Formula 1 were granted an exemption, suspiciously just after Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone had met the Prime Minister and donated £1m to the Labour Party.
At the time, Mr Blair insisted that the meeting, and donation, had nothing to do with the decision and gave a emotional plea on television that he was innocent of anything shady or suspect. Handed the benefit of the doubt, Blair was 'let off the hook' and allowed to merrily go on his way to bigger, better and more murderous lies later on down the line.
Now the Formula 1 scandal has resurfaced from documents released under the Freedom of Information Act that show Blair personally ordered Ministers to exempt Formula 1 from a tobacco advertising ban just hours after meeting the motorsport's boss.
Blair lied shock?
Don't act so surprised. The guy's lies are directly responsible for over a million deaths in Iraq, he isn't going to think twice about lying over his party's immoral funding.


David G said...

Given that 'no one is to blame for anything' and that all generalities are forbidden, all I can say is that Blair did nothing wrong (it was his programming and/or faulty genes) and the fact that he is a politician means nothing untoward at all!


Cheezy said...

A magnificently slimy bastard, isn't he? Oh!...If only those reptillian, shape-shifting powers had been used for good, and not evil!

Lucy said...

Was just a sign of things to come for the man who was not on first name terms with the truth.